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Flow through the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

Someone in my Manifesting Soul Bootcamp wanted to know more on the Full Moon energy going on

Here’s what I channeled for the Full Moon Luner Eclipse Energy Happening Sunday :


What’s going on is we are completely entering new life cycles.

To fully embrace these we must let go of the way we thought it would be as we release old timelines. 

Breathe into the discomfort remembering we transmute these old stories of fear and low frequencies of limiting beliefs into love projecting how we want to feel and be.


Let the old feelings surface without focusing on them.

Meaning, remember that what we focus on expands.  


If you keep believing a full moon is going to be wicked intense and awful and people are crazy you will attract exactly that. 

Ayurveda teaches how real the moon cycles are as we are made of mostly water and you see clearly how the lunar energy impacts the tides and nature. 

It’s good to be aware of what is going on...

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Slow Down to Speed Up: How to get it all done effortlessly!

Hi Love!!

I made you a vlog to up your happy and make some extra good vibes for yourself!!
You can listen to it like a podcast if you want to feel extra good right now :)

In this weeks Happy Manifesting Tip I share some manifesting examples of how taking time to slow down actually speeds things up so you can accomplish everything on your to do list with minimal effort, ease, and in the most efficient ways!

There is no way I would have gotten this far without relying on the Law of Least Effort. It's been made extra clear to me lately just how powerful our thoughts are. It's the conversations we have with ourselves throughout the day and the experiences we share and talk about with people. This projected energy is what the Universe thinks we are asking for more of and sends it back to us. 

If we want to receive the energy of peace and access the Energy of Pure Potential to reorganize our thoughts and align us with the best possible solutions, slowing down and plugging...

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What to do when it looks like your desire isn't Manifesting

Want to know what you're most likely doing that's keeping you from manifesting that goal/desire that hasn't happened yet?

This week's Next Level Happy Manifesting Tip is:

What to do when it looks like your desire isn't Manifesting! 

This is also great to use when you may find yourself worrying about something or even about things in the future that you have the ability to become the co-creator of right now!

Awareness is so powerful! When we make shifts in our mindset, we allow in miracles.

We literally grab our anxiety by the balls and say Nope! Not today Satan! (haha) I'm taking control of my happy. Today I am choosing me! Today I am choosing happiness! 

 Always remember: You get to choose!

Everyday you have a choice and everyday you have the opportunity to either be a magnet for your desires and miracles or to repel them away by projecting that doubt and disbelief. 

The laws of the Universe are always working regardless of whether you believe they are or not....

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Creating Miracle Moments

I want you to experience your own miracle moments!

Something really interesting happened to me at the beach after sunset...check out this vlog to hear about it. It was a miracle moment that could have gone a totally different way!

Most importantly, listen to the techniques I used to choose happiness, not freak out, and remain aligned manifesting the best possible solution. 


As the metaphysical text A Course In Miracles teaches us:

There is no order of difficulty in the creation of miracles. 


The miracle moment is the shift in your mindset. From this shift, you surrender and welcome in all the creative solutions from the Laws of The Universe. You can apply these techniques to shift in small matters, to moments of stress or panic like I could have been in, or to manifest your highest life path! 

There are literally endless possibilities for bringing happiness into your life. It starts with the energy of your mindset. 

What story are you telling...

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My Secret Weapon + 4 Steps to turn your Negative to Positive!


Happy almost Thanksgiving!! Every day here is Thanksgiving but this week I am extra thankful for you!!

So I wanted to share with you my secret weapon and 4 steps to turn your negative to positive because that's how grateful I am.

Someone recently asked me about journaling and I wanted to share the advice I gave her with you too. Especially since it involves my secret weapon!!

The question was if when I refer to journaling if I mean using my journal the same way I would a diary entry. 

For me personally, I don’t use my journal as a diary unless it is writing the things I am grateful for that I did that day.

The most important thing about journaling above all else is the way we feel! My secret weapon in life actually is my journal! The real secret weapon though is what goes on inside of my journal. The secret weapon is Gratitude! My mindset of gratitude. 

By that I mean, you should use your journal to get you feeling good!

Did you know that you could change your entire...

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My Baby!

Since most of my closest friends and family are having babies, I decided it was time to have a baby of my own!!


This baby started as just a little twinkle in my eye in 2015 ;) when I had no idea how, but I knew I was supposed to teach other people how to lower their anxiety & feel happier too. I prayed to be shown how & was divinely led each #Synchronistic step of the way


What began as a quest to understand psychic medium experiences I was having and how to teach the life changing methods I was learning, led to my discovery that we are all entitled to miracles & Manifesting anything we desire easily and effortlessly, most importantly: happiness, health, & abundance.


That everything is energy. It’s science, not just some “spiritual hippie shit” & the only limits are the ones we allow ourselves to believe. Happiness is a choice and I am so grateful I decided to believe in the miracles I was experiencing and get to deliver...

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Grateful for Ayurvedic Alchemy!

In case no one told you: you are a badass, you’re doing awesome and I love you


I spent yesterday going through my own Soul Bootcamp alchemizing anger/resentments back to love/forgiveness and I have a new level of respect for this miraculous work.


Yesterday I woke up with shooting pain in my shin. After doing soul work, identifying and healing the emotional toxicity, the pain was completely gone


Turns out, pain in your shins is directly associated with fear of the future when you are in process of expansion and leaping forwards‍


A couple of days ago I was open to healing as I prayed to not make the same mistakes this year and for obstacles to be cleared. That’s exactly what went down yesterday.


Forgiveness is so powerful. So is honoring your journey. I took time to do this earlier today and I encourage you to look at all the things you’ve accomplished and how far you’ve come


When we focus on the good, the good...

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Sitting above the clouds in gratitude + surrender


It’s really amazing how tightly we can unknowingly hold on to control sometimes.


Life is a constant dance of knowing what we want, healing anything that makes us think we don’t deserve it, & surrendering control of everrrything continuously.


I am continuously shown how we manifest our thoughts into reality & I was gratefully reminded that it happens not only through a high vibe lifestyle, but when we are completely unattached to the outcome of our intention, especially the things we want the most.


The feeling of relief when we finally let go of the things we are most tightly holding onto is the best high ever. It never ends because we can continuously enter next levels of expansion ‍ #NextLevelHappy


It comes through getting clear on our truth, showing up for life as our best most authentic self, knowing what we want, staying present and grateful for what we have/are...

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Raising Your Vibe

So this picture is super symbolic. I was very clear on what I wanted a few months ago. Then eclipse season happened and literally turned me upside down. I took a new perspective. Immediately following this picture I got a gnarly scrape. I was having so much fun that I didn’t even feel the fall. Guess what?! It’s healing quite beautifully and it didn’t slow me down at all. It actually aligned me quite perfectly.


I live my life on the edge. It freaks people out. It triggers them. It’s my purpose. It’s all always totally worth it.


I just met a woman publishing her book, something about “ordinary girls” just like me she said. She read me so wrong. The universe aligned this meeting very strategically. I am the opposite of ordinary. I am extraordinary. I defy the odds. I am the exception because I decide to be. I am Victorious + so are you


My entire life has prepared me for what I am doing and I don’t care who gets it...

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When the Universe wants you to read #TheAlchemist it manifests in a Tree in Maui, obviously

If you’re wondering if you can experience things like this even if you’re not as into spirituality and higher consciousness as I am...the answer is one thousand percent YES! So much of what I have manifested into my life I can look back now and connect the dots of how I created it

Our emotions have vibrational frequencies that get sent out into the Universe. I didn’t know I was setting intention, but if I was feeling reallllly extra good and listening to great music, it climbed me up that emotional vibrational scale and I was placing orders with the Universe—like we all always are— without realizing it.

Thank God those feel good vibes have stronger energies than any low vibe thoughts/feelings. This is why it’s so important to catch yourself if you’re feeling/thinking any not so feel good vibes  and change your mindset to how you want to feel/what...

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