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Aug 30, 2018

Sitting above the clouds in gratitude + surrender 🙏🏻


It’s really amazing how tightly we can unknowingly hold on to control sometimes.


Life is a constant dance of knowing what we want, healing anything that makes us think we don’t deserve it, & surrendering control of everrrything continuously.


I am continuously shown how we manifest our thoughts into reality & I was gratefully reminded that it happens not only through a high vibe lifestyle, but when we are completely unattached to the outcome of our intention, especially the things we want the most.


The feeling of relief when we finally let go of the things we are most tightly holding onto is the best high ever. It never ends because we can continuously enter next levels of expansion 🙇🏼‍♀️ #NextLevelHappy


It comes through getting clear on our truth, showing up for life as our best most authentic self, knowing what we want, staying present and grateful for what we have/are experiencing in the now, being of service, and remembering that we are one with the infinite source of creation we all come from and return to the same way a wave separates but is one with the ocean 🌊


Surrendering allows us to be even more present in the now, creating our best future since what we focus on grows. For example, instead of being frustrated at the timing of life right now, I am grateful for all I accomplished so far, the ability to work + enjoy life at the same time, this moment on the beach writing this before I fly back to New York and I am grateful for that too!


Someone I coach reached out to me the other day petrified of the unknown regarding work, another two about completely different things. It doesn’t matter what it is, the universe always has the better plan, so we don’t have to hold on to that rope so tightly we bleed (the branch example I shared). & when we forget, the Universe is always aligning the best people places and things to help us remember like when I got to speak with @andeelove_ the other day 🙌🏻


This wasn’t always natural for me. I worked my ass off for it and am to bring you these Blueprints for Living Your Happiest + Healthiest Life #AyurvedicAlchemy #LawsOfTheUniverse #LawOfDetachment 🌌