Next Level Happy Testimonials

Work with me and start feeling happier right now:

If you're reading this, the Universe guided you here in perfect order and divine time. Trust the process. Listen below and begin activating your inner power and start manifesting your happiest life today!


Meet Marcy, Owner of The Healing Center at The Port Jeff Salt Cave

“You are like a modern day prophet in an adorable little disguise. The work you are doing is nothing short of miraculous. You are setting the world on fire and waking people up.” Listen to Marcy's testimonial!


Meet Christine

Listen to Christine’s transformation story! Christine was not able to sit through a meditation before she discovered Next Level Happy. Christine overcame her fear of flying and her overall quality of life has expanded as she knows how to align with her truth and access inner peace whenever life happens!


Meet Erika

Erika ignited her inner truth and has been manifesting her dream life! She's manifested all of her intentions including her dream home and aligning with her purpose as she is on her path as a Kundalini Meditation Teacher! Erika's greatest manifestation? Inner peace and knowing how to always find her Next Level Happy on her own whenever she needs! Listen to her testimony and start shifting your vibe today.


Meet Felisha

Felisha up-leveled her life in all areas! Check out this interview on how Felisha claimed her Next Level of Happiness through working with me 1:1 and manifested all of her intentions through obtaining emotional freedom from PTSD and more!


Meet AnnMarie

AnnMarie wanted to strengthen her spiritual practice and through up-leveling and committing to her self, soul work, and learning how to practice a manifesting mindset of gratitude daily, and her fierce work ethic, AnnMarie is living out her greatest miracle with her baby girl, her condo in Maui, and helping women reach their own purpose and financial freedom through skin care she loves! This woman is on fire.


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