March 16th -20th 2022 at Lumeria, Maui


Meet me in Maui to kick off Spring as you fully rejuvenate yourself with an epicly transformative, soul centered, manifesting Retreat and get your Aloha on!!

As a Certified Chopra Center Perfect Health Instructor and Creator of the Ayurvedic Alchemy™ Manifesting Method to get Next Level Happy, I wanted to take the wild success attendees have had from previous PERFECT HEALTH + MANIFESTING retreats and bring you even MORE of the Ayurvedic Tools that changed my life from the Manifesting Soul Bootcamp. 

Each person will receive the ultimate energetic kickstart, push & acceleration forward needed to take them into the expanded happiness ready to be claimed and their own next level of greatness.

You'll receive your own Perfect Health + Next Level Happy Soul Bootcamp Workbooks, you'll discover your unique mind/body makeup, aka your Dosha, and dive into your Soul Plan and Akashic Records to bring your Best Life Path in to action! 

Ayurveda, an ancient consciousness based system of healing, is a medical science that focuses on the quality and longevity of life. In Ayurveda or, as I like to call it: the OG of Holistic Medicine, & Quantum Science, we know that when our body’s unique elemental makeup is balanced and aligned with nature, we are able to return to our natural state of equilibrium which is Perfect Health.

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5 Days and 4 Nights

Accommodations for 5 Days and 4 Nights at the Lumeria Resort in Maui, Hawaii

Discover Your Unique Mind/Body Make Up

You'll discover your dosha, learn how to come back into balance and feel good for your specific needs, and learn how to create a life beyond your wildest dreams, gain clarity on who you are, what you want and actually bring it to life! 

Daily Meditations

I will lead us in Daily Manifesting Meditations and Workshops as well as 1:1 Ayurvedic Alchemy Healing + Manifesting Mindset Coaching

Road to Hana

Tour/exploration of the notorious Road to Hana (lush rainforest, black sand beach, waterfalls)

Haleakala’s Summit

Trip to Haleakala’s Summit (the heart chakra of the world): watch the sun set over the clouds and catch stars after as there will be visible comets and Milky Way views from the resort, as well as peak visibility time for meteor showers to view from an even higher elevation

Daily Classes

A variety of daily classes to choose from are offered by the Lumeria in addition to Retreat Agenda—a sample of classes offered: Yin Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Gong + Singing Bowl Sound Bath, Ashtanga Yoga, Chakra Dance

Victoria Mann

Deepak Chopra Certified Perfect Health Instructor

Victoria Mann is a Chopra Certified Perfect Health Instructor (Ayurvedic Lifestyle and Quantum Science) and Manifesting Activator.

Victoria Created Ayurvedic Alchemy™ the manifesting method to get Next Level Happy to help you create epic impact in this world.

Victoria is a clear channel to the Divine and holds space for clients to heal, transform, and align with their truth to manifest their happiest and healthiest life.

Having studied metaphysics for more than half her life as well as professionally for the last decade, Victoria has a deep understanding of how energy works in relation to reaching higher levels of health, abundance, and happiness. Victoria is also a certified Reiki Master, EFT and Integrative Energy Therapy Practitioner as well as Vedic Kriya and Barre Yoga  practices for embodiment. 

Victoria's Ayurvedic Alchemy™ Method for Manifesting, the healing and training process she is guided to use for each person's specific needs, focuses on attaining emotional freedom, a manifesting mindset, and a high-vibrational lifestyle through proven methods of Quantum and Vedic Science is available for you to teach if you're feeling the call!

Victoria channels the individual’s soul purpose path lesson themes from the Akashic Records to help others manifest their best possible life path. Victoria's mission is to help others discover their inner peace and reach their Next Level of Happiness. You ready for your own customized Spiritual Prescription and to experience actual heave on earth?!

Morning Manifesting
Intro To Perfect Health: Ayurveda
Discover Your Dosha (unique mind/body makeup)
Meditation Made Easy
Custom spiritual Rx 1:1


The Road To Hana
Healing Manifesting Meditations by Waterfalls + Black Sand Beach 
7 Spiritual Laws Of Success
Manifesting 101
Group and 1:1 Healing


Manifesting Your Best Life Path
Beach Day at Makenna 
Aligning with your Best Life Path + Perfect Health
The Importance Of Fun, Play, And Relaxation
Manifesting + Healing  Above The Clouds
Perfect Health Part 2
Healing Limiting Beliefs
Halleakala Sunset Manifesting Meditation
Morning Manifesting
Manifesting In Action
Claiming Your Power
The Power of Surrender 
Allowing + Receiving 
Sea Turtle Beach Day
Proven Vedic Methods for Full Embodiment  of your best self

Single Occupancy


Payment Plans Available

Total Investment for Single Occupancy: $3,829

Secure Place With Deposit: $800

*Payment Plans Available* 

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Don't tell anyone but, we're really just going on this retreat to have FUN!

FUN is where the magic happens.

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