I used to be the opposite of Happy.

There are infinite possibilities of happiness available for you. Your Soul made you a Plan...be the best version of YOU!


I used to be the opposite of

Next Level Happy

...letting my old story rule my life, keeping me stressed out, full of anxiety, feeling hopeless, looking to psychics or anyone who could help creating the same cycles. Then I learned a better way.

I learned that we create our future. 

I learned that we all are 

entitled to miracles 


happiness is your birthright!

That everything is energy, even our thoughts.

When we understand how energy works and how to raise our vibe, we can change any area of our life to reflect our desires.

My purpose is to help you rediscover + align with your truth to reach whatever your own personal Next Level of Happiness is!

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My Story

Hi! I'm Victoria... And let's just say, I wasn't always happy. Getting to where I am now took a lot of willingness, self-discovery and soul work. It all started when I had a miracle experience and began self reflective work establishing a strong constitution of faith + self love. When I began having psychic medium experiences, I was not only determined to understand what was happening to me, but there was a passion ignited inside of me to be able to teach other people how to experience this new elevated way of living I was shown. Until this moment, I never knew what having a purpose was. Now I help you discover yours! I help you tap into your own belief system and teach you how to heal the bullsh*t, aka your old story + re-write your new story to claim your Next Level of Happiness.




I transformed my fear to faith to help you discover your own truths + raise your vibration to live your happiest, healthiest life and create a future beyond your wildest dreams.


I open the door to transformation and give you the keys to happiness, health, and obtaining the life you truly came here to live. I hold high vibrational sacred space for you to reach your own personal Next Level of Happiness.


Want to know more ways to increase your energy levels, improve your mindset, and elevate your happiness? Check out my #NextLevelHappy Podcast and Blog for my latest posts.

Ayurvedic Alchemy

Live Happy and Aligned!

Ayurvedic Alchemy™ is the healing modality I was guided to create to help shift the vibration of the world. 

Ayurveda teaches us and modern science confirms, that our gut is our second brain. When we have an unhealthy gut, a weak digestive fire (agni) we are more likely to experience confusion, anxiety, depression, and other low vibe emotions. 

Heres the thing: our gut digests our emotions and life experiences just like it does our food!

This means, undigested emotions get stored in our energetic body and eventually can manifest into our physical body from the energetic body as disease.

Yes, not feeling our dis-ease literally can cause disease, but the great news is we can heal and prevent all of this to return to our natural state of equilibrium, the happiest and healthiest version of ourselves!

Following a strict Ayurvedic Diet for my dosha just was not realistic for me. Adi Shankara's Layer's of Life explaining how energy works and Abraham Hicks's Emotional Guidance Scale helped me see this could be approached another way. 

Everything is energy and everything is connected. Understanding energy healing, I knew that removing the Ama through all methods, not limiting it to just diet or Ayurvedic emotional healing, works the same. 

This energetic healing creates space and raises each person's vibration allowing them to become a better vibrational match for their desires as they align with their Higher Self through High Vibe living practices that work and feel best for them, not only by following their unique makeup, but by learning how to navigate with their inner compass to find what feels best.

Through using mindset shifting tools, keeping your digestive fire strong with realistic methods that work for you, and living a high vibrational lifestyle, you alchemize your negative experiences/emotions/old stories to higher vibrational emotions manifesting the epic life you were born to live!

You learn to not only live a preventative healthy Ayurvedic lifestyle, but you alchemize any stored negative emotions (ama) and flow with the harmony and rhythms of natures unlimited power and abundance. This allows all of your desires to flow to you effortlessly.


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