I used to be the opposite of happy.

Take your power back over depression & anxiety to let every day feel like a vacation! 

Your Next Level Happy is waiting for you. 
This is your guide to creating a life beyond your wildest dreams. 
I channel your Soul Plan and Purpose and help you bring it to life using Ayurvedic Alchemy™.  
You have all of the solutions within you and your soul remembers the way, it made you a plan. 
I had debilitating depression and anxiety, and was trying everything I  could to fix it. This led to more feelings of stress and hopelessness. I started turning to others: therapists, support groups, psychics—anyone who might be able to help me escape the cycle. Nothing seemed to work, and I knew there had to be a better way. I was right.
I had my first Spiritual Awakening New Years Eve of 2013 and a miracle experience where my obsession to drink was cured instantly after trying for years on my own.
I learned that I had all the tools I needed to be happy, and that I was the only one who could make a real difference in my life. I learned that we create our own futures. We deserve happiness. And, with the right plan in place, we can change our lives, and the world, for the better.
Now, my purpose is to help you rediscover and align with your truth. Are you ready to be Next Level Happy?


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Clarity on who you are, what you want, & how to live it. 

Some examples of what we'll do together to take your power back over anxiety and manifest the next level life you truly want:

  • Meditation that works for your unique needs. Don't worry, I thought I wouldn't be able to ever meditate either.
  • Manifest the relationship / career/ dream life you want through proven Vedic methods 
  • Building your mindset and creating an Ayurvedic Lifestyle for long lasting results
  • Forming good habits to live your vision board 
  • Learning healthy coping mechanisms to stay in perfect health like emotional freedom tapping and breath work
  • Reducing stress and anxiety to be a magnet for your goals and desires 
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Ready to teach  Meditation, Manifesting, and Ayurvedic Lifestyle?

Ayurvedic Alchemy™ Practitioner and Reiki Certification

"This past year the Ayurvedic Alchemy™ Training program has done so much for me. This program helped me heal, learn, and grow as a person during one of the most difficult times of my life. This program has also helped me feel confident and equipped enough to launch my own programs!" Jillian R.

The next begins Spring 2022 and includes Reiki Certification, Soul Bootcamp, and 21 Days of Living Even Better with 1:1 support for the entire year

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