Become a Manifesting Coach and Certified Energy Healer!

If you're feeling called to be a Certified Well Being Coach, make sure you message me for all the hook ups at the Chopra Center! 

If you're ready to have fun holding space for your dream clients and channel the Akashic Records with me as your Spiritual BFF, Ayurvedic Alchemy™ training starts April 12th! 


I'm In!

Be teaching your dream clients how to hold space and teach Manifesting Retreats in 2022!

Do You Feel Like You're Called for an Even Bigger Purpose?


It's because you are, duh.

The world needs your unique gifts and it's time to allow in your Next Level

as a Manifesting Coach facilitating

Ayurvedic Alchemy™!

Imagine This...

You show up so much for your own energy you’re able to hold space for others to do the same.

You know how to help clients access the Akashic Records and properly heal in a safe container.

You feel confident in your Spiritual Gifts to help those waking up harness their own.

You know what energy healing modalities are needed for each assignment

You understand Money Mindset, that abundance is limitless and want to help the world tap back into their truth and remember they can  too.

You’re hosting your own in person and online Retreat’s and helping the world live a life beyond their wildest dreams too.

You living fully in your purpose teaching the tools that changed your life to your dream clients.

You teaching other teachers true manifestation through love.

I'm In!

The Ayurvedic Alchemy™ Training Program

Be teaching your dream clients how to host their own retreats in 2022!


Part 1 / October 2021

We kick off on Monday, October 18, 2021 and sessions will be Thursday or Sundays we will decide on the 18th as a collective. 

What We'll Work on: 

  • Identifying your spiritual gifts 
  • Learning how to hold space as a certified energy healer 
  • Practicing Manifesting Mindset Coaching techniques
  • Practicing our Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Claircognizance, Clairsentience if that's your thing! 

Part 2 / November 2021

What We'll Work on: 

  • Identifying your fav Ayurvedic Methods to include in your Meditations
  • Learning pre made guided meditation templates and playlist you can customize
  • Practicing channeling and customizing Ayurvedic Alchemy™ meditations from the Akashic Records

Part 3 / December 2021

What We'll Work on: 

  • Identifying clients Soul Plan themes they signed up for and how they're manifesting in present day and how to clear this for them
  • Learning how to channel clients current path vs. Best Life Path through guiding them on a Vedic Lifestyle 
  • Practicing channeling Spiritual Prescriptions for clients using asanas, pranayama (breath work) or whatever tools you feel called for! This way they have everything they need to choose to manifest their Best Life Path! 

Not ready to teach yet?

Just going through this expansive energetic container will lift you to your Next Level of Happiness !

I'm ready for my next level!



Hi, I'm Victoria! Consider me your spiritual BFF if you’re looking to have some extra fun on your uplevel!

I’ve been obsessed with manifesting since I was in Kindergarten and shows like Rags to Riches, Troop Beverly Hills and Beverly Hills 90210 showed me thankfully there were so many more possibilities for life.

Turns out the laws of the universe really do work! It’s just knowing how to play the game of life.

What’s the game? The plan your soul made you. Ready to tap into yours and help your clients access theirs?! I thought so!


I’ve been obsessed with psychics and understanding energy and what happens when we crossover since my dad, who I grew up with as a quadriplegic, crossed over when I was 16.

The mind/body connection and Miracles have always been an obsession of mine.

When I had my first spiritual awakening I knew I was meant to help people understand manifesting and help shift the energy of the world back to love.

Helping people practice energy healing in a safe and sacred environment and helping clients also understand how it works hand in hand with manifesting is one of my passions.

Your soul made you a plan!

I had so many limiting beliefs on this ish I decided to debunk the damn thing and I did.

This program is everything I wish I had ten years ago...or at birth lol

Yes! I'm Ready To Change My Life!

Your Total Investment Including Ayurvedic Alchemy™ Training Manual and Reiki Certification is only


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