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The most toxic thing in your life right now + how to remove it FAST!

Nov 11, 2020

Want to know the most toxic thing you're consuming right now? 


Spoiler Alert: it isn't a food, drink or a beauty product! 


The most toxic thing you are probably consuming right now is your thoughts and emotions that are not in line with what you want your life to look and feel like. Are you holding on to something you know isn’t good for you? Your subconscious sure is! 


Ayurveda teaches us and science confirms that everything is energy and everything we consume is actually creating our reality! This was really wild news for me to receive. 


Yes, the universe wants to give you everything you desire just like an order you place on your computer! If you’re like me and you’re thinking, ok well then why haven’t I received it yet or why am I not happier if that’s what I want? Keep reading! 


When I began studying Ayurveda and energy healing, I had just received a literal miracle where my obsession with drinking alcohol to mask feelings of sadness, anger, and depression was completely removed after trying to stop on my own for over a year. 


I was studying to receive my Perfect Health certification from @chopra to make sense of how I could help people more with Soul Plan downloads I was channeling and was finally the happiest I had ever been. 


I realized there was no way I was radically changing my diet from mostly junk to mostly oja (happiness on a cellular level) enhancing food over night. I also realized it was even more unrealistic for me personally to eat a diet strictly for my Dosha or unique mind body makeup. 


So I asked to be shown another way and created Ayurvedic Alchemy™ to help you transmute any lower vibrations back to love to keep your frequency a vibrational match for all the experiences you truly desire! 


When we suppress feelings of boredom, anger, shame, sadness, doubt, just like unprocessed food these lower frequencies accumulate and eventually manifest as physical ailments. 


Everything shifted for me when I started to feel the emotions I had been suppressing energetically my entire life. Even though I hadn’t made the best steps to purify my diet and eat for my gut (because how cool that the microbiome in our gut has the same processors as our brain?!) I was still able to reach higher levels of peace and happiness I had ever known and was staying in Perfect Health for the first time in years. 


When we change how we think and feel, the energetic vibration we are emitting internally shifts and the external world around us mirrors accordingly! 


Here are some easy tips to purify your mind so it reflects in the body:


  1. Be willing to let go of limiting beliefs, thoughts, and feelings that have become your comfort zone and be open to allowing in new possibilities for your life 
  2. Take radical responsibility for your happiness and be willing to take action to cultivate higher vibrations of love and light to be a match for your desires aka quit the blame game, you’re victorious! You came here to thrive. Ask how you can be helpful to someone else and shift your energy. 
  3. Create a daily practice of radical Self Love Communication or set yourself up for success with the NLH 21 Days of Living Even Better Manifesting Program:

  • Show up for what you need every morning - mind dump any clutter and worry thoughts and call in what experiences you’d like to have


  • Slow down and allow the solutions - breathe out worry/stress for a count of 8, hold for 2, inhale new possibilities of happiness for a count of 4 and repeat for at least 3 minutes. (Try the Next Level Happy Some Is Better Than None Method and breathe or use the mantra “so hum” for even 1 minute to create new neural pathways in the brain)


  • Take better aligned action choices from a more loving and sacred response - when we take time to pause and put our oxygen mask on first, we allow every solution and creative response to come to us naturally for our highest and greatest good of all


  • Notice when any low vibe thoughts/emotions come up and remind yourself that these feelings are being created from past experiences or worry thoughts being projected onto the future. When we come back into the now through gratitude, intentional movement, and using our breath (connection to prana/life force energy) we remember our essential nature is to feel good. When we remember we have everything we need, we allow in our every intention and desire. 


Feel this with me: I am safe to feel my feelings and I am safe to feel good. 


Another powerful manifesting tool you can use is to notice what content you are consuming throughout the day. Our social media feeds are truly like working vision boards. What we consume is what is generating our thoughts and feelings. Notice if you are engaging in low vibe toxic convos and manifesting more of what you don’t want vs. what you do. 


Remember: Everything is energy and what we focus on expands. We are always either in a fear based state rejecting the flow of the universe or in expansion allowing our next level of happiness in. Ask yourself throughout the day what side you are leaning towards and use the tools to shift back to a higher frequency. 


Think of yourself as a TV and whatever frequency you are mostly tuning into is what the Universe thinks you are asking it to reflect more of back into your physical reality. 


A great way to cultivate more happiness is to notice what brings you joy throughout the day to invite more of those experiences into your life. Since the Universe and nature we are one with (yes, you are literally pure potential energy!) is in perfect order and intelligent, it communicates through synchronicites.


Maybe you see 11:11 often, a feather, or have song that comes on at the perfect time… when we recognize this meaningful coincidences it helps to cultivate more faith and allow in the flow and happiness, love and abundance that is always available to us. 


There are so many awesome powerful preventative ways to create a Ayurvedic Lifestyle to stay in optimal health and feeling your best, but it all starts with your willingness to show up for yourself and take some energetic inventory.


Witness what is working vs. what is not. We want to take small manageable steps to live even better but it comes from fully loving and accepting yourself where you are right now. When we find peace in the now, we allow in our best possible future. 


Time doesn’t even truly exist, we create our future reality right here in the now. 


Feel your body right now. If 0 represents feeling depressed, extreme anxiety, rage and 10 represents feeling Next Level Happy, how are you feeling right now?

Show up for yourself and rate your happiness. How would you like to feel? Try the exercises above and let me know the shift you feel!


Get clear on how you would like to feel and create a new possibility that the Universe will open up for you. Stay willing to let it by choosing to come back to your happiness throughout the day. 


Life isn’t about feeling good all of the time. We come here as conscious energy in a human body and we are here for a limited time to experience the full range of life. 


Open up to the possibility that every hardship you’ve experienced, every block, every challenge, has been  a part of your Soul Plan to help align you with your Best Life Path. 


There are certain lessons we come here to thrive through, your soul made you a plan! Show up for the soul assignments with willingness and love.

Continue to flip the script on any low vibe thoughts. The more you tell the Universe your new story, the more you will believe it so you allow it in. 


Here are some easy tips to stay manifesting your Best Life Path:

  1. Create a new possibility for what you desire
  2. Trust that it is “This or something even better for my highest and greatest good of all” 
  3. Have a new story script to go to in your phone any time limiting beliefs pop up 
  4. Let go of how you think it should be and get excited for the Universes even better and more awesome plan! 


If you’d like to learn more about making meditation and manifesting fun + easy check out the free mini series at and be sure to read my blog post on Easy Steps to Thrive Through the Unknown. 

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