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Easy steps to thrive through the Unknown!

Apr 22, 2020

I used to be so mad at life. I didn’t  understand why I had to be here if there was so much bad that happened. I suppose maybe this is why the Universe guided me to Ayurveda, the science of life. 


Since we are all facing so much unknown right now, I want you to have the unexpected method that works to manifest my Best Life Path out of all of the Infinite Possibilities of the Universe every time. 


Fact: The universe is set up to support delivering to you your every desire


Fact: Your thoughts, emotions, and energetic vibration right now are determining the future experiences of your life.


Fact: The law of free will says you get a say in the future creation of your life. 


One of the lowest and darkest moments of my life wasn’t rock bottom or the plummet that followed leading to my awakening and miracle in 2013. 


I had received the miracle and the happiness I had always prayed for, was walking in my purpose (one of the fastest paths to happiness) and yet even though I had “seen the light” and was guiding others on their Best Life Paths, after receiving my Perfect Health certification from the Chopra Center, I was left feeling so completely lost. 


The darkest time of my life was when I had all of the tools to find happiness and couldn’t seem to find it. All of my old anxieties had come back to surface… but then something really awesome happened. I began to heal. 


Life got way better. The things that I didn’t understand why they weren’t happening for me or why I wasn’t receiving them on my timeline…they started to happen and even better than expected. 


It didn’t take a pandemic for me to be petrified of the unknown…unfortunately or as I looked at it now, fortunately, I was terrified of the unknown my whole life but the upside is that I discovered some awesome happy shortcuts for us. 


The method that works to manifest my Best Life Path and feel Next Level Happy every time? I’ll give you the steps but it’s the secret ingredient I use that you wouldn’t expect. I love the saying that the secret ingredient is always love! In life, to hold the vibration to manifest our Best Life Path through the unknown, we plug into this vibration of love. Did you know that love vibrates at 528hz?!


My fastest and most powerful moments of feeling even physically lighter have occurred through the miracles following forgiveness, acceptance, and gratitude in the now. 


What the forgiveness part does is it alchemizes heavy, stagnant energy we often don’t even realize is what is holding us back. Acceptance allows us to free up wasted energy to better  flow with the Path of Least Resistance. The “how” of things  you set intention for to manifest is not up to us. When we surrender over to the even bigger plan, we allow the Universe to deliver solutions to us even faster. 


In Ayurveda these unprocessed emotions are known as Ama or unprocessed toxicity from food and emotions in our mind body makeup. 


Did you know that you actually have a unique mind/body make up? That your soul made you a plan? That through the law of free will you have the opportunity to turn the hand of cards you have been “dealt” into aces? 


Here are my easy go to steps to always manifest your Best Life Path out of the Infinite Possibilities of Happiness that are always available to us. 


  1. Declare that Everything is working out #EvenBetterThanExpected + that the Universe is made to support you. 
  2. Some is better than none! Doing even one minute of meditation🧘🏼‍♀️, breath work, gratitude journaling📖, or consuming a little bit more high vibe tv/books/food is better than none at all! Decide on an action step you can take today towards 🧬 Perfect Health.
  3. Everything is Energy and as a course in miracles teaches us, only love is real. There are no rules but the ones you decide + believe in. There are infinite possibilities for happiness! Create an even better possibility +  surrender to the bigger even better plan! Ask yourself: what would the absolute best case scenario be right now? Try and visualize it and feel what it would feel like for that to come to fruition.
  4. Take your power back over the Unknown through Surrendering to the bigger plan: “I let go of what I think I want and need and I pray for what is in my highest and greatest good of all. I am  open to allowing in all miracles and aligning with my Best Life Path” Surrender some more through the Law of Detachment: get excited about the certainty of all of the infinite possibilities of what could go right. On a cellular level everything is energy! A Course In Miracles teaches us that the miracle is the shift in mindset. The energy of our intention (the vibrational frequency of our thoughts and emotions is directly connected to the physical.)
  5. Create a Next Level Happy vibration and new energetic momentum about the unknown through gratitude in the now. When we focus on gratitude and choose to see love the Universe can show up for us in major miraculous ways. Go on a gratitude tangent, free right gratitude in your journal and follow your happy! Get excited over all the ways the Universe is hooking it up for you and aligning you with an even better plan. This creates a momentum of energy and is super important!
  6. Ask how to be helpful to someone else! I learned from a 12 step program that when we get out of ourselves and into the service of others we transcend the ego and limiting beliefs. 

These methods work for me everytime! They have helped me not only manifest my Best Life Path but are actually saving my life during this pandemic. 

I’ve been finding myself being more easily thrown out of alignment as I’m sure many of you are as well. What has been working to manifest every miraculous solution through unexpected situations are these steps. Let’s all try and be a little more human and remember we are all simply doing the best that we can. The world needs you to feel your best now more than ever. It starts by showing up for yourself and filling your own cup. It starts with cultivating your own self love and self care practice every day. When you feel good, you give everyone around you permission to feel good too. 

As a Manifesting Medium I help empower you. You have the power right now to choose how you want to feel. Your thoughts and emotions have an energetic vibration and are helping to create the future of your life.

When we learn to be grateful where we are and remember we have everything we need right now, miracles happen. You get to decide how you want to feel today, tomorrow...through this pandemic and definitely where you want to be and how you want to feel as soon as this all passes. 

There are unseen forces that are always working on our behalf when we know how to rely on them. I not only believe, I know that Angels truly have our back. 

The greatest message I have received as a Psychic Medium and channeling people’s Soul Plans is that life is meant to be lived. Forgive. Choose love, especially when maybe you don’t want to. Call in acceptance. Feel the feels and then choose to allow in even more happiness. 

Everything is energy, we go back to the same energy we come from. In our purest form we are the energetic vibration of love. When we remember this truth every day, miracles happen naturally. If you feel like you’re in the dark, remember: you can always turn on the light.