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When You Are Ready For A Change + Want To Find Purpose

Aug 28, 2020

Omg I changed my Instagram handle!!


Here’s why:

Have you ever heard of Impostor Syndrome ? I always thought this was the same thing as wasting energy living a double life but when the Universe guided me to what it actually means I was astonished. 

It’s pretty much when you doubt your own greatness. Feather’s are floating by outside my window as I write this. Do you have a sign to know that the entire universe is rigged in your favor? 

As someone who lives for helping other people step into their purpose and bring their ideas to life, I realized this is usually the resistance I help people clear. Want to know the cure all? Yes, the ocean lol but also this…

Self love and acceptance. 

For so long I would stress and dress in clothes that weren’t me, talking & being a person I thought I was supposed to be. This happened again after I received my certification from Chopra Global in Perfect Health ( Ayurvedic Lifestyle + Quantum Science). 

Speaking and acting how you think you’re supposed to. Trying to fit into a mold of whatever society has deemed worthy that day. Not feeling worthy of actually owning who you really are. 

If no one has told you: you are worthy of having all you desire and feeling how you want to feel because you are here.

Life is meant to be lived. There is no one like you on this planet and you are entirely here on purpose. Your soul made you a plan. The universe is not random at all, it’s very precise actually. 

I knew this lifestyle of fitting into a certain kind of box that doesn’t even really exist couldn’t be long term for me.

Wasting energy living a double life... who has time for that. 

On the other hand, I wasn’t quite sure exactly who I was. It’s weird to know when you’re in the in-between of life but then I realized we always kind of are.

That’s the magic of the now. 

Manifesting is a dance of deciding and allowing the even better plan.

When we learn that the problems are actually the solutions, that’s when shit gets real and the fun flows more effortlessly.

Do you feel like you’re constantly swimming upstream? What if you float for a while and let the universe carry you on its current to the even better destination at the best possible time in the best possible way.

Quitting my corporate job to pursue my purpose in 2016 was when I decided. Then I learned a lot about allowing.

Seeing  what was going on with my clairs that we’re opening up & making sense of the soul plan downloads I was receiving...that’s all I cared about.

It became too much of an obsession...I learned a lot.

Now it’s the Manifesting Soul Bootcamp Accelerator Program. It helps you bring your Soul Print to life, or what I see, your souls plan and unique blueprint, to thrive from the lessons you came here to learn and the Best Life Path available for you based on the Law of Free Will. Not only did your soul make you a plan, you have a unique mind/body makeup and a dharma, a purpose. 

So about my obsession with helping you live your Best Life Path too..Everything expanded like I wanted...& I soon realized the importance of being able to hold the energy of what you’re receiving.

I thought I was ready and then the universe showed me an even better way... so I created 21 Days of Living Even Better to give people like me the solutions they need too!

To allow receiving to be natural. To eliminate impostor syndrome or any other energetic blocks that may be repelling your desire. 

Do you want to feel even happier? Stay aligned in your natural state of Perfect Health?

Are you obsessed with bringing your ideas to life? Are you ready for solutions to flow effortlessly and to actually manifest?

Praying is cool but have you tried slowing down and allowing?

 21 Days of Living Even Better helps us slow down and allow. 

The greatest gift of this quarantine is to help us slow down and get clear on who we really are and the person we want to be.

What do you want your future self to be like? To look like? To feel like?

If you’re ready for a realistic plan that helps you be who you really are & feel how you truly want to feel every day...then my 21 Days of Living Better subscription program is for you!

I’ve taken not only proven Vedic methods, but I give you the methods that worked from me having to figure it out.

I help you remember your truth, to tap into the solutions on your own and manifest your Best Life Path.

What would you want your life to feel like if time and money weren’t an issue?

Psychic Mediums take a pulse of your frequency & whatever seeds  are planted are going to manifest according to your belief system. 

 It’s time to take your power back. It’s time to remember who you really are & actually let that person be into existence.

Don’t wait for the Universe to knock you over to learn from the soul assignments. Show up for them right now.

Let the energies in transit clear the space & allow in what you desire by holding the vibration for what you want.  

21 Days of Living Even Better makes it silly easy for you to hold the vibration to receive. If you can't wait for 21 Days of Living Even Better to start on September 9th, make sure you join the free Full Moon Manifesting Meditation! We are also going over Meditation Made Easy.

I get it, Meditation just isn't for you! I didn't think I would ever be able to meditate. I found a way to make it fun + easy for us! 

You’re ready right now just as you are. Affirm with me: I am worthy of feeling good and living my Best Life Path. Thank you for everything I have right now and all to come! My current situation is not my final destination.

Spirit also is guiding me on how to make this program even better for us, obviously!

I’m adding shorter meditations in for us in addition to the weekly lives and archived manifesting meditations.

You also receive access to the Everything Is Energy Manifesting Membership and have 1:1 support on your specific manifestation goal. I help you workshop a customized mantra and work through any limiting beliefs you’re having throughout the month. 

We start September 9th! This program is every other month to keep you Spiritually Fit for the entire year as you learn to hold the vibration of love + light to receive on your own.  Make sure you reserve a place in our high vibe container!

Sooo why did I decide to change my Instagram handle?

This is what this season of life is calling for me to do.

  1. It’s so fun to finally be able to be myself and feel free from judgement. Aka I fully love and accept myself for who I really am ((this is the way))
  2. I keep being shown it’s a way to be of greater service. It more accurately describes what I truly do. I help empower people. 
  3. Reason, Season, Lifetime. Trust what feels good right now. Don’t be afraid to expand. To step outside of whatever box you let society create in your mind of belief systems.
  4. The only rule is: there are no rules. You create your future. The future is created right now, so feel good now. This feels good right now for me. 

More on number 4: when you go to a psychic they’re taking that pulse.

We manifest from the vibrations of our thoughts and ultimately the feelings that arise from them based on our underlying belief systems.

So, how am I different from regular mediums? Like I shared earlier, I see people’s Best Life Path’s, not just their highest potential but their happiest life path based on what they want out of the infinite possibilities of happiness. Not only this but I channel Soul Plans from the Akashic Records, everything that ever is was or will be.

I help you let go of energetic blocks and belief systems no longer serving you to allow in the life experiences you truly desire.

When I am channeling someone’s soul plan, often messages from loved ones who have crossed over will come through.

I knew as soon as I started channeling for people as a Psychic Medium that I wanted to help people and deliver messages to those ready to heal and align with their Best Life Path ( a beautiful Monarch Butterfly just flew by). I didn't want to be a magic act trying to prove to people their loved ones were really still there.

I wanted to help people embrace the greatest thing I've learned being a medium: life is meant to be lived. 

I became determined to give them real solutions. Methods that are easy to follow and actually work.

I was getting frustrated watching clients create the same situations (karmic circles) from unhealed life experiences. It was cool to watch them feel relief from our healing sessions together, but what really excited me was when clients were interested in learning how to take their power back and access this light on their own, their own Inner Healer

On our core level we are the energy of light, of love all is created from and when we actually use the methods we enjoy each day  to remember this truth, we stay in alignment. We stay Spiritually Fit and always have the solutions we need.

When we make it a priority to keep up with just this one thing, we find we get everything else done. We know that happiness is a choice and we know how to return back to our happy heart center whenever we need.

That we are worthy of receiving our desires because umm hello, that is the magical gift of the law of free will! We truly do have a say.

Everything is energy. Shift your frequency and plug into the channel you want the universe to reflect back to you.

All the answers you want are already inside of you. You remember that you have a unique purpose, a dharma, and what that is.

You remember what it feels like to let your divine feminine energy attract in all you need and desire with grace and ease.

Sometimes we just need help remembering every day. That’s where I come in!

There’s nothing I love more than watching clients have epiphanies and aha moments, but truly I love when clients tap into this flow on their own and learn the art of allowing.

That everything already is...that we aren’t separate from each other, this planet or the entire Universe. 

There is a version of you already having the life experiences you desire. 

What good is having everything  you want if you aren’t happy? And how do you get happy if that’s where everything you desire flows from including your purpose?

Follow me, I know the way. It’s up. You with me? The Universe wants to give us even more.

FYI: as I finished writing this a beautiful red cardinal appeared, clear sign from a loved one who as crossed over. Blue birds are a great sign to trust that everything is working out even better than expected.