Learn how to make Meditation Fun + Easy and be entered to win this Angels Have Your Back Hoodie 

Learn how to make Meditation super fun + Easy! 

  • Be part of a sacred container to let all the bs and old stories from 2020 go to align with our Best Life Path + next level! 
  • Become magnets for the life we truly want + you will receive mini 1:1 readings and energetic alignments in a sacred group setting 
  • Learn how to make meditation easy + to align through love daily
  • Learn how to use Vedic Tools and nature's elements to become a magnet for the life experiences you truly desire
  • Quantum shift eliminating limiting beliefs holding you back from your Next Level Happy 

Your soul made you a plan, the key is in deciding and allowing through the law of free will and the law of detachment.

What if the making the choices that create the future of our lives could be super simple?

What if life could feel even better? What if you could always live anxiety free and easily exceed your goals?

It's time to remember why you are here. It's time to allow. Miracles and happiness are your birthright.  I'm so excited to see you inside! 


Join our Full Moon Manifesting Meditation and Meditation Made Easy  on September 3rd at 7PM!  

Ready to let all the shit from 2020 go and make some Ayurvedic Alchemy™ with me?!

Want to make raising your vibe and feeling happier super easy? Then my Meditation Made Easy guide is for you! 

So excited to do this LIVE with everyone and can't wait to see you all in person again!

Did you know you can easily tap into your Inner Healer and allow in Perfect Health...and literally whatever else you desire? 

There are infinite possibilities of happiness available, let's align with our Best Life Path.  

Free Full Moon Manifesting Meditation + Meditation Made Easy

 September 3rd 7-8PM

it's time to let life feel even better. 

Everyone Registered is entered to win a Dolce Ria Angels Have Your Back Hoodie!  

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