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feel happier with these proven steps in any space

How to feel happier in any space!

Feb 22, 2021

It’s possible to find space to feel good wherever you are! You know that feeling of excitement you get when it’s your birthday or you’re going on vacation or some epic retreat?!


If you’re like I used to be and feel completely stuck where you are, this is the solution you asked for. 


Whether you’re back at work in a corporate environment, still using your home space for all the life things, or already working from anywhere because you get that life is meant to feel good, these simple tools to expand your energy will help you tap into your vacation self! 


Declare that you are going to start practicing conscious communication with yourself and prioritize your wellbeing. Remember that when you take care of yourself and slow down to put your oxygen mask on first, you are truly being of service to everyone around you. 


How often are you taking energetic inventory of your life? Meaning, checking in on yourself as you would caring for someone you love dearly and getting clear on not just what you need and want, but how you feel vs. how you want to feel! 


When we are in clear communication with ourself and our needs, we have better reactions to the world around us and stay attracting in more of the experiences we truly desire and create positive ripple effects in the world. 


Remember, everything is energy and our thoughts generate feelings and create an energetic frequency that the Universe mirrors back to us. If you're familiar with the book The Secret or the Law of Attraction then you know how powerful our thoughts and intentions are. If you’re not I recommend reading up on the field of pure potential. Abraham Hicks has great resources and there's free guides for you at if you’re ready to let your Next Level Happy in! 


Have you thought about that? What you would like life to feel like? If life could get even better? 


To practice this, simply ask yourself: 


  1. How do I feel on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the happiest and 1 being the opposite?
  2. How do I want to feel? Try and identify any tension in the body. 

Then, take a body scan of your energy: start to see a beautiful white light coming down through the crown of your head and as this light washes over you begin to notice where there are feelings of heaviness, tension, and/or anxiety. 


If you want to take it to the next level and alchemize any anxiety to love, set intention by being willing to see the situation differently and begin a pranayama exercise you feel called to or try this simple breathing exercise right now: breath out of the mouth (cooling breath) for a count of 8, hold for 2, and breathe in for account of 6. Repeat as needed. 


I also love to use Marshall Rosenberg’s method of asking, What just happened? What are these feelings arising within me? What do I need that I’m not receiving? What am I asking for? 


Here are some easy tips based on proven Ayurvedic methods to tap into your best self, or vacation self, whenever and wherever you need:


First, I suggest definitely designating a special area for your self care practice. If you have an office space, you can try moving the desk to face a new visually pleasing area to keep the work energy separated from your restoration time. 


Try to challenge yourself to make a gratitude list as soon as you wake up for at least 3 times building up to 7 and then 21 days to build a habit. 


Another great practice is to notice without judgment the thoughts you have that make you feel like you aren’t on vacation or that the miracle isn’t possible for you and begin to open up to a new possibility to start allow the Universe to deliver it to you. Remember, the Universe is on your side, everything no matter how bad is helping you, and there are infinite possibilities to plug into and allow the Universes even better and bigger plan. 


Ask yourself: What would it feel like if this were to work out even better than expected? 


The same way that a flower loses it’s vitality when it is cut off the stem, our vitality and happiness depends on the amount of prana available for us. We tap back into our natural state through Ayurveda. 


Ayurveda, an ancient science for conscious healing suggests and science confirms that when we learn to tap into our Inner Pharmacy as I learned getting my Perfect Health certification from Chopra Global, we can create new healthy sensory experiences to come back into our natural state of balance which is to be happy and healthy. 


I didn’t think prayer worked for me until my miracle experience in 2013, remember: miracles are real and happiness is your birthright! 


Start with a willingness to feel even better! 


If you need, you can always create a sacred happy retreat like space for yourself or vacation space for yourself throughout the day. Even if you aren’t able to elevate the senses like you’d ideally want, you can do so in a bathroom stall or stepping outside of an emergency exit or even right in the middle of all of it, because you are worthy of taking 5 minutes to reset yourself back to a state of flow and receiving. 


The miracle is the shift in the mindset, trust the process and don’t give up before the miracle. There truly is no order of difficulty in the creation of miracles. 

Easy steps you can take:


  1. Balance through sound: Start listening to primordial sounds (singing bowls, mantra music/nature sounds) and notice how these higher vibrations make you feel! I like to listen to ocean waves for calming and dance music when there's a kapha imbalance (feelings of depression/being stuck) 
  2. Balance through smell: Start to use aromatherapy for your unique mind/body makeup also known as your Dosha, notice what smells bring you joy and feel calm vs. those that do not. White Angelica and Valor are some of my favorites as well as Frankincense. Make sure the quality of aromas and oils you’re using are of a pure and high quality as the purpose is to help remove excess toxins from the body also known as ama. 
  3. Balance through touch: self massage known as abhyanga (abee-yan-ga) promotes enhanced wellness and helps us return to our natural state of happiness and health. Develop your own daily gratitude practice and come back to this happy state of balance whenever you need, as often as you need, whenever you are incorporating self massage to heal through touch  
  4. Balance through site: this one I used all the time! Plug in to high vibe visuals like Hawaii and nature and other healthy vibrant images that promote pleasurable chemicals. Different colors stimulate and balance different dosha’s notice if you feel good around certain colors. For example bright vibrant colors help to uplift heavy kapha energy. Use patterns like the Sri Yantra to access the infinite creative solutions and possibilities of the Universe. Yantra meditation is great but if you’re like me and need more than just focusing on a centered dot (represents unity) pranayama breath work and energy healing might be more appealing for you. 
  5. Balance through taste: notice what tastes you gravitate towards, try to include more prana foods or nurturing foods the color of the rainbow. When we include all 6 tastes with every meal we stay fully satisfied: Sweet, Sour, Salty, Pungent, Bitter, Astringent 
  6. Balance through laughter: science shows us that a good laugh actually enhances our immune function for twenty four hours. Look for ways you can flip the script and come back to your laughter. Similarly, start to notice more of what brings you joy throughout the day to expand the energy you wish to manifest more of in your life. Stay plugged into the knowing the Universe is working it out even better than expected for you!  

So let’s start applying it right now: How would you act if it were your birthday today? If the entire universe was rigged in your favor? 


Are you willing to wake up with this same excited expected optimism of your day like you would as if you were on a holiday? 


To start to consciously wake up as the you that you are when you’re on vacation?!


What foods would you eat and how would you consume them? 


Are you more likely to rest as well as move your body in nice weather? 


Create your own Ayurvedic Retreat experience and tap into your inner healer using your senses. 


Start to connect and communicate with the internal harmony and solutions that are always accessible to us 


Would you dance more? Maybe even sing? Take a joy ride? Let your hair down? 


Talk pleasantly with a stranger? 


Try something new? 


Notice all the things that bring you joy? 


Be present and grateful for the current experience you’re in?


You would. It’s time to start embracing life like this right now. If you are not feeling so next level happy, that’s good because it means things are about to get even better than you could imagine! Honor where you’re at and use the steps here to feel those feelings and come back to the happiness and solutions that are always available for you.

If you're ready to learn more about living an Ayurvedic Lifestyle, The Manifesting Soul Bootcamp program starts this May! 21 Days of Living Even Better is included to make staying happy wherever you are wildly easy for you. I know because it's what I needed, and it's what works.