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My Secret Weapon + 4 Steps to turn your Negative to Positive!

Nov 21, 2018

Happy almost Thanksgiving!! Every day here is Thanksgiving but this week I am extra thankful for you!!

So I wanted to share with you my secret weapon and 4 steps to turn your negative to positive because that's how grateful I am.

Someone recently asked me about journaling and I wanted to share the advice I gave her with you too. Especially since it involves my secret weapon!!

The question was if when I refer to journaling if I mean using my journal the same way I would a diary entry. 

For me personally, I don’t use my journal as a diary unless it is writing the things I am grateful for that I did that day.

The most important thing about journaling above all else is the way we feel! My secret weapon in life actually is my journal! The real secret weapon though is what goes on inside of my journal. The secret weapon is Gratitude! My mindset of gratitude. 

By that I mean, you should use your journal to get you feeling good!

Did you know that you could change your entire life just through using intention and a journal?

 Our external world is a reflection of our internal world and our projections. The thoughts, emotions we have, and the belief system that backs these ultimately creates the reality of our lives.

When we put pen to paper, actual magic happens as we create more energy around what we are writing about…at the same time, we use our intention to direct that energy.

I use my journal to help make sure my internal thoughts are in line with my truth to allow the flow of an unlimited amount of love, happiness, and abundance into my life.

When I was younger I kept a diary and I remember being enraged one day around the age of 12 and I started tearing it into shreds.

I started destroying it because I didn’t want there to be any evidence of what was inside. It didn’t make me feel good.

I would use my diary to vent about things that were upsetting me or to express how I was feeling inside. When I started to flip through it, I realized it was mostly negative things and I knew I didn’t want to ever look back and think that was the only way I felt about life.

If only I had known then that what would determine how my outside world developed were those exact projections I was having internally.

 I didn’t know about gratitude journaling. I didn’t know that everything is energy.

 I wasn’t supposed to, because that was exactly the experience I was supposed to have in my life path to be able to help people understand how their own energy flows and to teach manifesting + all of the life-changing benefits of practicing a Vedic based lifestyle.

I’m grateful because if I hadn’t seen how much my old negative thinking impacted my life in comparison to how easy life shifts when you know your thoughts create your reality, I wouldn’t have the knowledge and experiences to be able to teach it on such an impactful level. I know in every cell and being of my body that we create our reality.

As much as I have learned this, I am human. When I got my Perfect Health Certification at the Chopra Center, it became clear that old beliefs I thought I had healed were still limiting me.

I spent this last year making sure I was locked into my own truth and healing deep-rooted beliefs that were still limiting me. I remember when I was planning the Maui Retreat that came to life this past summer (thank you God/Angels/Universe!!) another Retreat Leader saw me journaling by the pool and said:


“Wow, that’s why you’re so good! You actually do the work!”


This isn’t just shit I preach, I am in this with you. This is why I share it so much because it is my heart and soul. I had to do even deeper healing work (I didn’t even know that was possible! lol, Surprise!)  to be able to show up for the world on this level.


Most of manifesting work really is the undoing of years of limited ways of thinking. There are so many great ways to raise our vibration and clear blocks, but what I’ve found to be the most powerful is when we understand how those energetic blocks and limiting beliefs are formed. From that deep of an understanding, I’ve found that we more than heal, we actually transcend the time and space of the matter at hand.

My journal centers me every morning in addition to meditation and some yoga for movement as part of my Ayurvedic routine!

 How to journal about negative things to make them the happy things we want:


  1. Be willing to see the situation differently (if you’re not there yet, be willing to be willing.)
  2. Think and write about the situation limitlessly e.g. what would your ideal outcome be? If you could receive a miracle what would that look like? What would that feel like for you?
  3. Be open to the possibility of the Universe blowing your mind and things working out better than you can even imagine!
  4. Start obsessing over how much you love yourself and your life through using gratitude!


When we shift into gratitude, it’s impossible to feel any anger, sadness, or other low vibe emotions. I start every day in gratitude with my Vedic morning routine. Thanksgiving is literally every single day for me. & THAT is why I am able to stay so Next Level Happy!

It’s not about being happy all of the time, it’s about honoring the emotion and choosing happiness anyway. Choosing love over fear/ego and remembering that you are one with the limitless source that made you.

Choosing to react in a new way. Choosing to simply try a new way. Being open to new infinite possibilities for your life!

I’m telling you, gratitude and meditation is the answer to everything...Also, surrendering!!

I just set intention to remove some ama (emotional toxicity) as I felt like I was having to work a little extra for my happy and I went to Soul Cycle to surrender, remember my truth, and let life be easy to receive like it’s meant to be!


If you listened to my Podcast on Surrender: NLH Podcast on Surrender


You’ll appreciate the Synchronicity of this!!

On this podcast, I share Gabby Bernstein’s steps for surrender in addition to my own from her Super Soul Sunday Talk…which I got to learn directly from her how she broke this down at Spirit Junkie Level 2 which was so incredible! Again, thank you God & let's please take a moment to speak me into existence impacting on this level with Oprah ;)

 I share an intuitive hit I received that guided me to her Steps on Surrender as well as how Gabby got the intuitive hit to google what wild turkeys mean. For me, when I see turkey/turkey feather I remember to surrender and that I am always receiving everything I need. Just like how I trusted I would be writing this e-mail today, just like how Gabby Bernstein trusted she would have her baby (she’s due on Christmas this year!)

Trusting in Divine Time is everything and my synchronicities keep me in line with my truth. They help me always return and reach my Next Level Happy!!

 So I’m having the best Soul Cycle class just earlier today and just as I surrender to the unknown, they had their employees run in dressed as a wild turkey and they had all the feathers!!! You can say this is a coincidence because they did it for Thanksgiving but it was not a coincidence that I was in that class at that moment exactly when I needed to be receiving that exact sign and message from the Universe that just Next Leveled my own ass!!

The Universe also made sure Soul Cycle got brought up on a great client call yesterday as she was telling me how great it makes her feel and kept putting it in front of me yesterday night to plant the seed. Of course it did, because that’s what the Universe does. It holds us and carries us and delivers to us exactly what we need in all the best ways and at all the best times when we allow it to!

I want to know about your experiences with this!! Reply and fill me in on how meaningful coincidence and gratitude are keeping you Next Level Happy!!


PS: My NLH Manifesting Soul Bootcamp starts 1/11! We cover EVERYTHING and I take you through each weekly module with additional weekly group healing/coaching sessions! So major— let me know if you want to be the first to know details.