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You are limitless!! There are so many paths to your own personal Next Level of Happiness. Leading other people to theirs has been the best gift I’ve ever been given!!


Connecting the ancient healing wisdom of Ayurveda + Quantum Science as a Certified Chopra Center Instructor to all other healing methods I’ve studied & am certified in like Reiki, Integrative Energy Therapy, Soul Plans/Akashic Records, Numerology, Healing through Psychic Mediumship, Kundalini Meditation & how all of it allows us to create our best life & return to our natural state of Perfect Health & our highest vibrations of joy + love had been the most fulfilling time in my life.


I say with happy tears, that what’s been even more fulfilling is watching the miracles I’ve experienced unfold in the lives I’ve those I teach it to & the ripple effects they are creating in the world as teachers.


Connecting healing with the mind & discovering how...

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Feel The Fear and Do It Anyway!

Wanna know one of my greatest life hacks?! I feel the fear and I do it anyway. I rise through it


Every epic thing I’ve ever done in my life has resulted from me witnessing my fear when it’s trying to stop me from being awesome and then continuing to take inspired action doing whatever it is to manifest my best life path anyway


When we recognize where we’re meeting resistance aka when we feel the yucky feelings, we shine light onto that energy that’s not serving us. When we identify why it’s there we free it. We free it to fill it with the things and experiences that we want rather than what we’re afraid of or settling for in our comfort zones


Life is meant to be extraordinary! When we allow our mind to be full of old stories/fear based thinking, we either choose to stay in that limited fear based place of thinking that will reflect into our reality the same as usual or we choose to expand through our fears fire onto the...

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Soul Work

It’s easy to look at someone’s happy sunny photos and assume they have it easy and that everything is perfect. One thing I’ve learned in Tulum is that this is definitely not the case.


I had set intention before I came here to be inspired by people on similar journeys as my own and I was. Not necessarily in the ways I had intended...and isn’t that how life tends to go anyways?


Everyone has their shit, and I’ve learned in life, in Tulum, in general, that it’s those who work through their shit and who do the soul-work, that are those who manifest what may appear to be a wonderfully happy lifestyle.


I’m grateful I have done enough soul-work to get to a place where I am truly happy...but I work on it everyday. I work through my insecurity, my judgment, my doubts, or whatever the ego and fear throw at me to make me stronger each day.


I’m grateful for how blessed I am, the beautiful places I get to visit, the...

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Manifestation in Action

When I realized I had to go into Manhattan “real quick”, I set intention to get a parking spot right in front of the store so it actually would be real quick! I started to get excited thinking about what it would feel like to not have to use a parking garage and effortlessly execute my errand with grace + ease.


I visualized my hands on my steering wheel pulling into a spot that was easy to access with plenty of room and what it would feel like >> fast forward to me pulling up to my destination to two wide open parking spots directly across from where I had set intention and exactly as I had visualized but better.


The second place I needed to go to wound up being directly around the block with another perfect parking spot for me right in front!! Oh and one of the women who helped me...her name is Miracle!!


It’s hard to imagine I ever even lived without intentionally Manifesting my life. When we give gratitude for the little miracles +...

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The same energy that creates endless waves in the ocean is creating our lives from our thoughts + the vibrations we emit through our intentions, beliefs, and feelings


When we shift our focus to gratitude + our ideal situation rather than whats causing turbulence in our thoughts, we start to emit a higher vibration that’s more in line with that ideal situation


When we choose love, we shift into happiness and begin to generate a new story surrounding our wants and needs so the universe can reflect exactly that back into our lives


Shut down your fears, embrace your truth, and choose to feel happier right now

What story are you telling yourself? Make sure it’s your favorite one

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Ayurvedic Alchemy!

When you get to ask your mentor @deepakchopra what he thinks about the program you created based off of his teachings—Ayurvedic Alchemy —and he tells you all wonderful things and to KEEP IT UP and you just totally are still geeking out with excitement and gratitude (there’s even a blue orb in some of the pics!!) #TheFutureOfWellbeing #AyurvedicAlchemy #NextLevelHappy #PerfectHealth #QuantumHealing #QuantumPhysics #LawsOfNature #LawsOfTheUniverse

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Laws of Nature

The same Laws Of Nature that create the beautiful colors of flowers and change the colors of the leaves is also responsible for changing and creating our life. What do you really truly want? Let the same source that turned this leaf into magic shine love on you to create all you desire as well. The laws of nature set us up for success, all we have to do is >> a l l o w it to f l o w

#AyurvedicAlchemy #LawsOfNature #NextLevelHappy #Ayurveda

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Live Your Purpose

"She remembered who she was and the game changed."


Our deepest happiness is revealed when we are living our purpose. Incorporate more of what sets your soul on fire today and feel yourself rise up to higher levels of love and happiness. Straighten your crown + reconnect to your higher purpose. #LevelUp and Proceed to slay life accordingly. Repeat #AyurvedaEveryday #NextLevelHappy

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Find Your Happy

Back to work today •


A month ago it wasn't seemingly possible that I would be on this beach but I opened up to the possibility I would be and the laws of the universe aligned it to be so!! •


What fills you up with joy? Shifting your mindset to being open to the possibility of having more joy in your life will manifest it into your reality. Not only have I learned this to be true but I experience the miracles everyday and can't imagine how I ever lived before. •


Thoughts have vibrations and whether you are intentionally creating your reality or not, your thoughts are manifesting your future into reality. Take a page from this happy book and start to open up to the possibility that you can shift your life to the next level of happiness you are entitled to receive!! It's as simple as changing your thoughts #AlohaHappy #NextLevelHappy #FindYourHappy

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Golden Milk

Things I never thought I'd say I love Golden Milk!

Here's Why:

Turmeric and coconut oil are well known now as being pretty good for...well, almost everything. Turmeric's medicinal effects are mostly related to curcumin, one of the chemicals it's identified with, proven to have potent antioxidant properties. The most common uses of turmeric are for anti-inflammatory benefits but it has also been found to have health enhancing effects on the digestive, cardiovascular, rheumatic, and immune systems. •

I've found that when the health benefits of something are substantial enough, my body will start to naturally crave it more and more, regardless of previous conceptions I may have had about it being gross/weird. I've yet to substitute it for my coffee, but I will say that Golden Milk's got me feeling pretty wonderful! •

This is how I like to make mine:

•2 cups coconut milk

  • 1 teaspoon turmeric •Dash of black pepper (studies have shown that black pepper helps with the...
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