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Let Go

Mar 13, 2017

Have you ever wondered what I mean by, "let go of what no longer serves you" with the full moon so that we can truly let go? Well on this last full moon before we enter Spring, I've been doing just that + to be honest, getting real with yourself can be pretty brutal, but the emotional freedom and joy that proceed is what makes it worth it. This is how we evolve. This is how the expansion of happiness occurs, this is the purpose of life. 💛


The seven rocks in this picture represent the emotional toxicities my body and mind can no longer bare to carry. Thankfully through 12 step programs, I'm familiar with regularly letting go of resentments and anger, as I do not have luxury to harbor these types of feelings. Practicing these methods effectively for three years, I've turned to Ayurveda practices a year ago now, as some can go deeper with this similar idea by helping to shine the light on deep rooted traumas that usually stem from childhood. Why continue to place bandaids over a trauma when we can go in deeper to heal the issue at its original source.



Let's take one of my huge soul lessons for example, self worth. It's vital to heal any present trauma associated with this first - this is what we use spiritual tools for in every day life to help heal in real time, acting as a bandaid, and healing as best possible in whatever situation is actively occurring. At first glance, self worth issues may appear to stem from poor relationship choices, for example. However when we dig deep, answering important soul questions from an absolute place of honesty, we reveal deep answers - in turn creating big spaces. 💛

So what do I mean by this?


After rigorous soul work and enlightening experiences, one exercise I engaged in included releasing the weight of all of this into the rocks and the ocean. Weight I didn't even know I had inside of me holding me back. The weight of the sadness of the little girl who thought she wasn't worthy enough of God's love to heal her father from being a quadriplegic. In a morning meditation in Maui last April I heard, "You are worthy of me. If you are worthy of me, you are worthy of everything." I accepted the message for its beauty but could never put it into action because I had not let go of the pain associated with it, and that was weighing me down. On March 9, 2017 I did. 💛


This is what I mean when I say to let go of what no longer serves you. So what's no longer serving you? What is standing in the way of you owning the energy of your dreams? Shine the light on that darkness because I promise you it was heavier than you ever realized. I know for certain that if I thought I was happy and free harboring all of this inside of me, soon I will feel even greater. I work my ass of to be happy, but it's worth every second of it. I just can't wait for more of you to keep experiencing miracles too 💛


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