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Super Full Moon Energy

Oct 16, 2016

Oh super full moon, your energy is so fierce and spectacular. Each and every one of us are born with a divine life purpose for our souls to fulfill in the brief time we are given here with one another. When you embrace the light you were born to shine onto this earth, miracles begin to flow all around you with grace and ease.

January will mark 3 years since I began this beautiful inward journey. I have experienced and seen so many beautiful things this weekend, but I am posting this picture of myself crying on top of a hill because things aren't always as pictured. The miracle moments need to be shared to help others discover them in their own life, but to get to the light you must go through the pain. Not the victimizing pain, but rather the pain of growth, of birth.

Like the colored leaves I've watched flying from the trees like butterflies, so new leaves can emerge next spring, we too must shed the parts of us that no longer belong so that more light can enter and be reflected into the world.

Everyone wants to find that authentic happiness and I have come to learn it is as simple as figuring out who you truly are and what you truly want. When you start to ask yourself these two questions, you begin to discover your purpose. Happiness is an absolute and immediate result when you shine that purpose into action.

Helping lift up others lights me up more than what lights you up? What brings you authentic, genuine joy effortlessly? Our earth needs more light, more love, more joy...fill yourself up and let that energy flow over onto as many people as possible. #superfullmoon #supersoulsundayvibes #lawsoftheuniverse #shinethatlight ✨🤘🏻