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Jul 07, 2016

The Universe is designed to help you succeed! I am so grateful for teachers like @mariannewilliamson and the opportunity I had listening to her teach ACIM the past two weeks with my soul sister Sheri Homayoon!


Last week↠ what resonated most for me from Marianne's Course in Miracles teaching, was how the biggest mistakes we can make is to not fully learn our soul lessons from life experiences that may have been painful. These are gifts from God, and with reflection, they can help you shift your mind to to higher states of awareness.

This week↠ Marianne spoke about atonement and the powerful shift each of us have the ability to tap into through self reflection, ultimately helping to shift the world consciousness. This is extremely important given the world and our country's current state. She also referenced AA's 12 steps & the miraculous results that come from being in touch with your higher power, and taking a deep inventory of where you may have been wrong in situations you believed the other person was fully at fault.


This is not limited to AA, when you take time for a deep self reflection and atone, when you are guided it is appropriate and not self seeking, you take 100% responsibility for your life circumstances so that you can change them. Taking blame is different than taking responsibility. The universe is designed for us to live in perfect harmony and succeed, the universe wants to give us the miracles, but first we must atone for them, seeking and praying for the right reasons. Gratitude is essential in this process as well. 💡Why is this important? It's the key to long lasting happiness and freedom as you will start to manifest the life of your dreams. The universes abundance is boundless, it is our limited ways of thinking that block this from us. #shiftyourthoughts #throughtscreateyouraction #actioncreatesyourreality #startwithyou #lawsoftheuniverse #courseinmiracles #spiritjunkie #lightworker 🔑