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Creating Miracle Moments

Nov 30, 2018

I want you to experience your own miracle moments!

Something really interesting happened to me at the beach after sunset...check out this vlog to hear about it. It was a miracle moment that could have gone a totally different way!

Most importantly, listen to the techniques I used to choose happiness, not freak out, and remain aligned manifesting the best possible solution. 


As the metaphysical text A Course In Miracles teaches us:

There is no order of difficulty in the creation of miracles. 


The miracle moment is the shift in your mindset. From this shift, you surrender and welcome in all the creative solutions from the Laws of The Universe. You can apply these techniques to shift in small matters, to moments of stress or panic like I could have been in, or to manifest your highest life path! 

There are literally endless possibilities for bringing happiness into your life. It starts with the energy of your mindset. 

What story are you telling yourself? The Universe is listening to our every word and reflecting this back into our reality. 

We all have energetic bodies that act like a mirror. Whatever we send out or ask for in intention/prayer, the Cosmic Computer of the Universe as I learned at the Chopra Center is always saying YES! I want to give this to you, and returning the cumulative energy of your thoughts into your physical reality. 

If you are thinking...Oh Sh*t! I have really negative thoughts or have been thinking badly about other people, situations, things or any of your desires, am I manifesting not so great experiences into my life?

Here's the great news: our positive thoughts have way more manifesting influence than any negative thought or feeling. 

It's truly our feelings and emotions surrounding our thoughts and mindset that bring the energy into physical reality. 

This is why when we manifest, it's always best to visualize your ideal situation and feel what you are setting intention for as if it's happening right now. Time doesn't exist. So we literlly create our future reality right Now in the present moment. 

This is why the more grateful you are for all that you already do have and knowing you have it all allows you to continue to manifest your best possible life path. When you are in this energy, you send out the energy of creating more awesome good feeling things into your life. 

For 27 years I had a really f*cked up mindset! I was constantly creating karmic circles not learning from lessons and feeling like I was forgotten about from whatever God was delivering all this happiness other people seemed to have. 

By karmic circle, I am talking about how our actions are generated off thoughts and memories from our past experiences. If we don't clean up the negative mindset from trauma that may have happened in the past, our subtle body will continue to manifest from this place. 

You can break all of these nasty habits in seconds! All it takes is a genuine willingness to be open to the possibility that maybe miracles are possible for you. Maybe you can manifest your best life! I know you can, because I did...& if I can do it, anyone can! 

Try changing your mindset and the negative stories you're playing to the best possible situation and watch how the Universe starts to show up for you!

Let me know how it goes!! xo