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What to do when it looks like your desire isn't Manifesting

Dec 05, 2018

Want to know what you're most likely doing that's keeping you from manifesting that goal/desire that hasn't happened yet?

This week's Next Level Happy Manifesting Tip is:

What to do when it looks like your desire isn't Manifesting! 

This is also great to use when you may find yourself worrying about something or even about things in the future that you have the ability to become the co-creator of right now!

Awareness is so powerful! When we make shifts in our mindset, we allow in miracles.

We literally grab our anxiety by the balls and say Nope! Not today Satan! (haha) I'm taking control of my happy. Today I am choosing me! Today I am choosing happiness! 

 Always remember: You get to choose!

Everyday you have a choice and everyday you have the opportunity to either be a magnet for your desires and miracles or to repel them away by projecting that doubt and disbelief. 

The laws of the Universe are always working regardless of whether you believe they are or not. 

Imagine how much better it may feel to get behind the idea that maybe the entire Unvierse has your back. Maybe the entire damn Unvierse is conspiring just to help you and align every moment every detail in the design of a day just for you, because you are that f*cking much better would that feel? 

It's WAY easier too. You should try it. 

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