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Change Your Life!

Jun 13, 2018

You are limitless!! There are so many paths to your own personal Next Level of Happiness. Leading other people to theirs has been the best gift I’ve ever been given!!


Connecting the ancient healing wisdom of Ayurveda + Quantum Science as a Certified Chopra Center Instructor to all other healing methods I’ve studied & am certified in like Reiki, Integrative Energy Therapy, Soul Plans/Akashic Records, Numerology, Healing through Psychic Mediumship, Kundalini Meditation & how all of it allows us to create our best life & return to our natural state of Perfect Health & our highest vibrations of joy + love had been the most fulfilling time in my life.


I say with happy tears, that what’s been even more fulfilling is watching the miracles I’ve experienced unfold in the lives I’ve those I teach it to & the ripple effects they are creating in the world as teachers.


Connecting healing with the mind & discovering how important our belief system is in the way that our thoughts + emotions create our future has been truly life-changing. Being guided to create Ayurvedic Alchemy, combining all of this for the ultimate transformational experience is the best thing I’ve ever done. I’m so excited I get to be a student of life forever but even more excited to keep bringing these methods to those who seek it.


I don’t say this lightly: This soul work changes lives. It heals. It transforms. It creates shifts in the most powerful ways.


I joke that I should come with a warning but it’s really not even a joke anymore. ⚠️ Being around my energy will change your life & it’s even better when I teach you how to create it on your own! I’m super proud to finally own that. Thank you everyone who has supported my journey. This has been the best ride of my life and I am so grateful it keeps getting better & better


I used to think that the person who I am today, the life I’ve had over the past 4 years wasn’t possible for me. I promise whatever you think is impossible for you, it’s a real possibility the moment you’re willing to see that maybe it really could be. The energy of today’s super New Moon 🌙 is the best time to do this. Be the love + light that you are and manifest miracles 🙌🏻