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My Baby!

Nov 05, 2018

Since most of my closest friends and family are having babies, I decided it was time 😳 to have a baby🤰🏼 of my own!!


This baby started as just a little twinkle ✨ in my eye in 2015 ;) when I had no idea how, but I knew I was supposed to teach other people how to lower their anxiety & feel happier too. I prayed to be shown how & was divinely led each #Synchronistic step of the way🙌🏻


What began as a quest to understand psychic medium 🔮experiences I was having and how to teach the life changing methods I was learning, led to my discovery that we are all entitled to miracles 🙏🏻 & Manifesting anything we desire easily and effortlessly, most importantly: happiness, health, & abundance.💓


That everything is energy. It’s science, not just some “spiritual hippie shit” 🌌 & the only limits are the ones we allow ourselves to believe. Happiness is a choice and I am so grateful I decided to believe in the miracles I was experiencing and get to deliver this to whoever it serves. 🙌🏻


Check out my baby’s New Home!!! 👩🏼‍💻✨ drop me an emoji if you want to know about the special gift I made for you⬇️ #ItsAllHappening #NextLevelHappy #AyurvedicAlchemy #LinkInBio #StartedFromTheBottomNowImHere #Literally #ReadMyStory #MiraclesAreReal #ManifestMiracles #ThoughtsBecomeThings #CreateYourFuture #GratitudeIsMagic #ThoughtsBecomeThings #ItsAllEnergyBabyBaby 🚀✨