Grateful for Ayurvedic Alchemy!


In case no one told you: you are a badass, you’re doing awesome and I love you 💜


I spent yesterday going through my own Soul Bootcamp alchemizing anger/resentments back to love/forgiveness 🕊 and I have a new level of respect for this miraculous work.


Yesterday I woke up with shooting pain in my shin. After doing soul work, identifying and healing the emotional toxicity, the pain was completely gone🙌🏻


Turns out, pain in your shins is directly associated with fear of the future when you are in process of expansion and leaping forwards🤸🏼‍♀️


A couple of days ago I was open to healing as I prayed to not make the same mistakes this year and for obstacles to be cleared. 😇 That’s exactly what went down yesterday.


Forgiveness is so powerful. So is honoring your journey. I took time to do this earlier today and I encourage you to look at all the things you’ve accomplished and how far you’ve come🌟


When we focus on the good, the good expands!🦋


Here’s the theme I noticed for me: “I had no idea how I would ever _____ , but I prayed and God gave me a miracle.”🌈


For me, that blank started with >>be happy<< Faith never fails. Super grateful for my life today, and for being able to continue to create a life beyond my wildest dreams. 🙏🏻#NextLevelHappy #AyurvedicAlchemy


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