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Raising Your Vibe

Aug 26, 2018

So this picture is super symbolic. I was very clear on what I wanted a few months ago. Then eclipse season happened and literally turned me upside down. I took a new perspective. Immediately following this picture I got a gnarly scrape. I was having so much fun that I didn’t even feel the fall. Guess what?! It’s healing quite beautifully and it didn’t slow me down at all. It actually aligned me quite perfectly.💫


I live my life on the edge. It freaks people out. It triggers them. It’s my purpose. It’s all always totally worth it. 🍍


I just met a woman publishing her book, something about “ordinary girls” just like me she said. She read me so wrong. The universe aligned this meeting very strategically. I am the opposite of ordinary. I am extraordinary. I defy the odds. I am the exception because I decide to be. I am Victorious + so are you🙌🏻


My entire life has prepared me for what I am doing and I don’t care who gets it or doesn’t. This is my truth, helping you find yours🦋


Don’t ever let anyone’s limiting beliefs imprint on your constitution of truth. Take what wisdom drops feel good + leave the rest. People would love to see you stay fallen. Choose to rise. Remember you’re one with the entire Universe and the only thing that stops you from receiving all of this magic, having the universal red carpet of blessings rolled out for you with all of your desires, are those fake fears, those false beliefs. Don’t ever let someone else decide your truth. You get to decide. You create your future. Mahalo 🤙🏽🌺