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Soul Work

Jan 24, 2018

It’s easy to look at someone’s happy sunny photos and assume they have it easy and that everything is perfect. One thing I’ve learned in Tulum is that this is definitely not the case.


I had set intention before I came here to be inspired by people on similar journeys as my own and I was. Not necessarily in the ways I had intended...and isn’t that how life tends to go anyways?


Everyone has their shit, and I’ve learned in life, in Tulum, in general, that it’s those who work through their shit and who do the soul-work, that are those who manifest what may appear to be a wonderfully happy lifestyle.


I’m grateful I have done enough soul-work to get to a place where I am truly happy...but I work on it everyday. I work through my insecurity, my judgment, my doubts, or whatever the ego and fear throw at me to make me stronger each day.


I’m grateful for how blessed I am, the beautiful places I get to visit, the extraordinary souls I meet, and all the wonderful experiences the Universe blesses me with—but take note—by no means are they effortlessly handed to me.


I healed my deepest wounds for it. I’ve learned forgiveness and compassion for it. I’ve worked for it. I keep working for it...and now it’s my souls purpose to work to teach other people how to work for it too. When you want it to, and you actually do the work, I promise you it really is magical...and it can in fact appear like the universe is handing you your dreams on a silver platter...but it still requires risk. It requires you to invest and take a chance on your soul self. It requires commitment and full faith in yourself, and most importantly in your higher power.


So don’t compare yourself to other people, don’t assume someone else has it easy, and do not assume that you can’t have a miraculously happy life because to be honest, I remember when I wanted to give up on life... wishing my darkest moments had fully taken me out. I was so sad inside and didn’t love myself that I wanted to quit life in general. By the grace of God I was willing to see it differently and fought to be shown a different way & so I was shown one...and so much more. Our shadows reveal our light…