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How to feel happier in any space!

It’s possible to find space to feel good wherever you are! You know that feeling of excitement you get when it’s your birthday or you’re going on vacation or some epic retreat?!


If you’re like I used to be and feel completely stuck where you are, this is the solution you asked for. 


Whether you’re back at work in a corporate environment, still using your home space for all the life things, or already working from anywhere because you get that life is meant to feel good, these simple tools to expand your energy will help you tap into your vacation self! 


Declare that you are going to start practicing conscious communication with yourself and prioritize your wellbeing. Remember that when you take care of yourself and slow down to put your oxygen mask on first, you are truly being of service to everyone around you. 


How often are you taking energetic inventory of your life? Meaning, checking in on yourself as you...

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The most toxic thing in your life right now + how to remove it FAST!

Want to know the most toxic thing you're consuming right now? 


Spoiler Alert: it isn't a food, drink or a beauty product! 


The most toxic thing you are probably consuming right now is your thoughts and emotions that are not in line with what you want your life to look and feel like. Are you holding on to something you know isn’t good for you? Your subconscious sure is! 


Ayurveda teaches us and science confirms that everything is energy and everything we consume is actually creating our reality! This was really wild news for me to receive. 


Yes, the universe wants to give you everything you desire just like an order you place on your computer! If you’re like me and you’re thinking, ok well then why haven’t I received it yet or why am I not happier if that’s what I want? Keep reading! 


When I began studying Ayurveda and energy healing, I had just received a literal miracle where my obsession with...

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When You Are Ready For A Change + Want To Find Purpose


Omg I changed my Instagram handle!!


Here’s why:

Have you ever heard of Impostor Syndrome ? I always thought this was the same thing as wasting energy living a double life but when the Universe guided me to what it actually means I was astonished. 

It’s pretty much when you doubt your own greatness. Feather’s are floating by outside my window as I write this. Do you have a sign to know that the entire universe is rigged in your favor? 

As someone who lives for helping other people step into their purpose and bring their ideas to life, I realized this is usually the resistance I help people clear. Want to know the cure all? Yes, the ocean lol but also this…

Self love and acceptance. 

For so long I would stress and dress in clothes that weren’t me, talking & being a person I thought I was supposed to be. This happened again after I received my certification from Chopra Global in Perfect Health ( Ayurvedic Lifestyle...

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Unfunk Yourself!

Unfunk yourself!


I got bit by what I call the quarentine bug.


I found myself feeling not so bueno! Here’s what I did:


I asked myself what do I need? How am I feeling?


I tried to identify it (I couldn’t which rarely happens anymore thank goodness!) and then I took some me time for meditation and an epsom salt bath to clear my energy field. I had some cooked spinach to balance my Vata body and put on some music to lift my kapha and vata.


I also did some tapping and breathing exercises to release unwanted energy. Normally I would bring in more movement here but my body has been moving more than it normally is so I felt called more to rest.


The shift today came through something unexpected: simply talking it out with a friend to listen without offering advice.


This is an ayurvedic technique that works extremely well! If you don’t have someone you can go to, you can e-mail me back here and I will help you unfunk yourself!...

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Easy steps to thrive through the Unknown!

I used to be so mad at life. I didn’t  understand why I had to be here if there was so much bad that happened. I suppose maybe this is why the Universe guided me to Ayurveda, the science of life. 


Since we are all facing so much unknown right now, I want you to have the unexpected method that works to manifest my Best Life Path out of all of the Infinite Possibilities of the Universe every time. 


Fact: The universe is set up to support delivering to you your every desire


Fact: Your thoughts, emotions, and energetic vibration right now are determining the future experiences of your life.


Fact: The law of free will says you get a say in the future creation of your life. 


One of the lowest and darkest moments of my life wasn’t rock bottom or the plummet that followed leading to my awakening and miracle in 2013. 


I had received the miracle and the happiness I had always prayed for, was walking in my purpose...

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Activate your POWER this Leo Season!!

It’s Leo Season: Stand in your power! 

You activate and claim your power back through trust.

Through trusting in your higher power and trusting in the perfect order of the Universe.

Through remembering that we are one with the one source of energy Ayurveda teaches us everything comes from and returns to. 

True power is in knowing that a Higher Power is ultimately in control and trusting in the bigger plan. 

Want to know the really good news though? We actually do get a say in the creation of our lives. 

I had a few experiences over the past few months trigger feeling complete lack of control. (I used to feel that way every day until I discovered a better way) 

This is a situation where we can choose to either let ourselves spiral into fear of the unknown or complete and utter faith that the Universe is in perfect order and everything is working out even better than expected.

We always have a choice, love or fear. 

We are either choosing to...

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Life is meant to be lived!!


When my dad crossed over when I was 16 I thought I’d never be happy again.


I felt blessed to be able to communicate with him when I became a clear channel to divine but there was a whole navigation process. And then, more healing.


Today, I truly consider myself an expert in navigating energy...& I’ve pretty much gone to all the experts in my opinion.


That’s actually what I discovered, it’s our belief system that creates our reality + it’s about following what spiritual practice/what feels good for us in every area of our life.


When we follow what feels good from our higher self ( #iamthatiam ) rather than ego we align with our best life path and the path of least resistance.


Tapping into this pure potential energy allows us to continue to create a life beyond our wildest dreams (whatever that means for you), access perfect health, and tap into our purpose, also known as our #Dharma (ps this is usually the best...

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Check out my 3 Step Method for Alignment!!

#ad #thesweatlife


Wanna know how to be a magnet for all you desire?! It’s what changed my life:


Learning how to get back into alignment fast!!


I wanna let you in on the magic and miracles so I’m giving you my go to tool for alignment in my latest Happy Vlog!!


When we are aligned we are a vibrational match for our intentions. When I was creating Next Level Happy, I set intention to work with the best high vibe companies in line with my mission. 


I knew I wanted to collaborate with brands  I love to help bring awareness of how important taking time to slow down for self-care is to stay aligned with happiness + health (most importantly) but also with our every need and desire!


I am so excited to be a part of The Lululemon Sweat Collective that I want to give you my go to tool & 3 Step Method to Staying Aligned!!


Listen to this vlog like a #NextLevelHappy Podcast and start to feel great right now!


If you...

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Mindset is EVERYTHING!

If you need a boost of Happy for your Monday, make sure you head over to my Instagram ( @torykat ) for some adorable pics of my best friend's baby Victoria at her christening the other week!!!  Special guest baby Jules for extra love !!

Also though, check out this new vlog I made you on how Mindset is Everything

I give you a breathing exercise and happy tip on getting belief systems that aren’t serving you out of your mindset

Remember: the universe is literally set up for you to be happy and receive all you desire. It’s simply a matter of identifying and removing any resistance to this divine happiness and allowing it in with grace, ease and acceptance of the bigger plan.

Try focusing on all of the infinite possibilities of what could go right and the way you’d like to feel rather than putting out any low vibe feels. The really bad shit isn’t in vain and you don’t manifest that, but it’s choosing to grow from it. Look for the...

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Love Is The Path of Least Resistance

There is power in peace, there is power in rest, and there is great power in the words we say.

Everything is energy and everything has a vibration. It’s the experiences we have that ignite our thoughts (the sensory experiences we have). These thoughts paired with our beliefs (the rules we have set in place in our subconscious) create emotions amplifying the energy we are projecting. The Universe is always saying yes to what we want and mirroring back to us the energy we present.

One of the best things we can do is to slow down and to choose to return to love. Love is one of the highest vibrations and when we are willing to find the love, to find the gratitude for all we have, and trust in the bigger plan, even if we don’t understand it at the time, we have the perfect foundation to receive miracles.

When we shift our mindset, we open the gateway for miracles to enter in. A feeling of love, relief, and solutions will instantly come over you with this level of faith. We...

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