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Unfunk Yourself!

May 05, 2020

Unfunk yourself!


I got bit by what I call the quarentine bug.


I found myself feeling not so bueno! Here’s what I did:


I asked myself what do I need? How am I feeling?


I tried to identify it (I couldn’t which rarely happens anymore thank goodness!) and then I took some me time for meditation and an epsom salt bath to clear my energy field. I had some cooked spinach to balance my Vata body and put on some music to lift my kapha and vata.


I also did some tapping and breathing exercises to release unwanted energy. Normally I would bring in more movement here but my body has been moving more than it normally is so I felt called more to rest.


The shift today came through something unexpected: simply talking it out with a friend to listen without offering advice.


This is an ayurvedic technique that works extremely well! If you don’t have someone you can go to, you can e-mail me back here and I will help you unfunk yourself!


It’s so important to know how supported you are through these times.


Even though they feel uncertain we can trust that the Universe is proven to be in perfect order.  I am certain that soon we will look back and see how all of this is helping to shift the pieces in our favor, to help everything work out even better than expected!


Once  I was more aligned from meditation I was able to see through talking it out how I was actually worried about something I didn’t realize at all.


What shining through light on this does is it creates space, it alchemizes the lower vibrations of fear to love.


I always use this prayer:


“I am willing to see this situation differently. Please help me to see through the eyes of love and rearrangement my thoughts to align me with my Best Life Path. “


Sometimes the relief kicks in during meditation and more comes with breathing. Sometimes enough relief will come through having the conversation but why I’m sharing this is so you remember what I needed to remember also: we are never stuck and we are so fully supported.


Other things I’m doing is being more mindful of the conversations I’m having, social media I’m engaging in, the shows I’m watching and am making more time for feel good things and eliminating what does not feel so good.


Pro tip: eliminate the energy drainers!


Once we shift the energetic vibration and get out of our own way, we allow the Universe to reveal the miracle for us.


If you want my exact steps to manifest my Best Life Path through anything check out these steps here:


One of my fav things to do is to channel custom plans or Spiritual Rx’s guiding each person based on where they are and their soul plan and unique mind body make up.


There’s nothing I love more than helping align people with their Best Life Paths and seeing them easy find the solutions they need, manifest their deepest desires, and bring their visions to life.


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