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Activate your POWER this Leo Season!!

Jul 26, 2019

It’s Leo Season: Stand in your power! 

You activate and claim your power back through trust.

Through trusting in your higher power and trusting in the perfect order of the Universe.

Through remembering that we are one with the one source of energy Ayurveda teaches us everything comes from and returns to. 

True power is in knowing that a Higher Power is ultimately in control and trusting in the bigger plan. 

Want to know the really good news though? We actually do get a say in the creation of our lives. 

I had a few experiences over the past few months trigger feeling complete lack of control. (I used to feel that way every day until I discovered a better wayπŸ™πŸ») 

This is a situation where we can choose to either let ourselves spiral into fear of the unknown or complete and utter faith that the Universe is in perfect order and everything is working out even better than expected.

We always have a choice, love or fear. 

We are either choosing to welcome in the miracle and the ever-flowing stream of love and abundance that is always available to us or not.

I wish I could give you the peace I’ve learned to access inside whenever and wherever I need.

I used to need constant Xanax to even just alleviate some of the anxiety and worry I felt inside.

Learning how to tap into this inner peace truly is way better and more powerful than Xanax. (Wish they had CBD back then!!)

CBD for sure helps ease anxiety but I have I have found the absolute best method to alleviate anxiety for me personally is through staying Spiritually Fit.

What works for me may not work for you if you don’t want it and/or aren’t going to apply suggested methods.

I may be unable to give you my peace but I hold space for you to access it within yourself.

Life is meant to feel good. You are here on purpose, you have a divine purpose and there really is a plan so much bigger than us.

We have to want it. I wanted it. The people I help uplevel want it. They take the action. You can too.

I’ve observed over the past years how impactful applying @deepakchopras 7 Spiritual Laws is to not only daily life, but to movement.

Taking Vedic Laws and applying them intentionally to movement allows you to effortlessly maintain your natural state of equilibrium: #PerfectHealth + Higher Happiness!

Another happy coincidence is you become a magnet for everything you desire for your highest and greatest good of all. #SuperAttractor ( @gabbybernstein )

Following Vedic methods that work best not only for your Dosha (your unique mind/body makeup), but that FEEL best for YOU is #AyurvedicAlchemy ⚑️

It’s not about being happy all of the time, it’s about our comeback rate to happiness. This is why I feature the Abraham Hicks emotional freedom scale on


We never stop elevating. There are infinite possibilities and infinite potential for this life. Happiness is a choice. #NextLevelHappy

Everything has a vibration and when we develop a spiritual routine including intentional movement we’re able to release ama (toxicity from unexpressed emotion in the body + unprocessed food) creating space for transforming physical reality. #AyurvedicAlchemy


I’m not just talking about the way our bodies look.


If the purpose of yoga is to achieve Union with mind, body, & spirit... then my Spiritual Journey reverse engineered it 🀸🏼‍♀️


Having achieved Union with Mind and Spirit, I learned how to ground the unseen into the Physical Body.


Absolute magic happens when you apply the spiritual laws to movement.


I learned @chopracenter that while our bodies may seem physical, on a cellular level we are simply ever moving matrixes of intelligence waiting to take on form.

It is our intention and mindset that directly impacts our physical reality.


Ayurveda teaches us that when we follow a practice of daily yoga (intentional energetic movement), with meditation, breath work and eating for your unique mind body makeup we stay ever-flowing with the stream of love and abundance always available to us.


 I personally was not interested in regular yoga at first and I found my own flow.

In the process what I discovered is that there is no cookie cutter method to staying Spiritually Fit.


It’s about becoming aware of different methods to happiness and finding the ones that feel best for you!  

When we follow what feels good, rather than any one proven method, we stay more easily aligned.

You are your own guru. There is no better person who knows how to meet your needs but yourself.


Only you will actually monitor your consumption of life, how you react to the world, grow from life experiences, and only you can actually be willing and Take Action from Love.  

One of the most important things I learned getting my Perfect Health certification @chopracenter is that it’s not just about the food we are consuming.

 It’s EVERYTHING we consume and how we are consuming it that determines our quality of life.

 I’ve observed over the past years that the content of what we consume and how we are consuming it has a direct impact on the manifestation of our life paths and soul plans.

What we are consuming through family, friends, on tv and at work know those “water cooler” convos where you just complain to friends? That content you’re consuming and projecting is directly creating the future of your life.

 The conversations we have in our minds with ourselves and others throughout the day are way more important than we often know.

 What do we spend most of our time consuming besides food?! SOCIAL MEDIA.

 One of the first things I advise people is: Clean up your social media feed!

Remove things that are triggering unhappy feelings. It’s so important to look at those yucky feelings for healing and elevation but as soon as you shine the light, it’s about that comeback rate to love.

 Focus on the good and the good expands!

 Ayurveda teaches us that unprocessed toxicity in food and emotion can eventually directly impact our physical body.

You can try mindfully consuming your food today, consuming more light sourced foods or simply not judging yourself + enjoying the food you’re consuming no matter what it is.

Your Dosha (unique mind/body makeup) may need comforting pizza Vs a salad to ground your vata & that’s OK! #8020Rule

Even more importantly, try consuming something positive today for your mind and soul.

This directly impacts the physical more than we realize.

Read a few minutes of a positive spiritual piece like this blog/vlog or remove some accounts that aren’t bringing you joy swapping in for a few that will keep you aligning in love throughout your day!

Try expanding your happiness through gratitude right now and 3 full, s l o w, calming breaths.

Really... take is NOW!

Stay present in Gratitude and Trust the Process! #SoulPlans


What I love most about this photo is that it looks like my shadow is holding me up.

I couldn’t have planned a better metaphor for manifesting your #BestLifePath if I tried.

You guys...the Universe is in perfect order and knows exactly what it’s doing!

The shadow or darker things we go through in life aka ego/fear helps us tap into our Higher Self and Best Life Path when we know how to peel those layers back.

Transcending fear to love is easy when you know how to flip the script and identify the energy blocks so you take action from a new level of conscious awareness.

This is how you live your #BestLifePath...

by following methods that feel good for you and work for your unique mind/body type. #AyurvedicAlchemy

 There is no cookie cutter method. You have to want it. You have to be willing and you have to follow what feels good for you.


This is how you stay #SpirituallyFit and creating a life beyond your wildest dreams!


One of the best ways I learned how to stay Spiritually Fit and a vibrational match for a life beyond my wildest dreams is from a 12 Step Program.

It’s being of service. When we are service to others we are fully merged with our best selves, our Higher Selves. It helps us tap into our Soul Purpose and naturally flow with the path of least resistance. #LawOfLeastEffort

How can you be helpful and of service to someone today? Even giving someone a compliment can shift so much. #LawOfGivingAndReceiving  

If you’re interested in learning more, I channel your Soul Purpose Plan + give you your Numerology Life Path Codes in my 1:1’s as well as hook you up with a routine to help you stay Spiritually Fit for your unique mind/body type.

You can still hook yourself up with a 1:1 through the end of Summer!!

Book Here: Book Soul Purpose Session Here

Do you sense something I’m cooking up for us for Fall?! #TheBetterItGetsTheBetterItGets

Here are the Steps I took to not freak out (I also did a similar podcast you can listen to here:   Don't be fears bitch: A How To


  1. BREATHE: I try to go into ego erradicator ( #Kundalini ) to move the energy. Try and identify and breathe into any pain and tension in the body + Call In The Miracle repeating: “I am willing to see love instead of this”
  2. If unable to breathe: start tapping on the part of your hand on top of where your pinky and ring finger connect. For more EFT relief book a 1:1 Manifesting Medium  session with me here: Next Level Happy 1:1 Session 
  3. Remember the entire Universe is in Perfect Order and no matter what the current circumstances are, declare with certainty everything is working out for your highest and greatest good.
  4. Ask yourself: what would the absolute best case scenario be right now? Try and visualize it and feel what it would feel like for that to come to fruition.
  5. Surrender: “I let go of what I think I want and need and I pray for what is in my highest and greatest good of all.”
  6. Surrender some more through the Law of Detachment: get excited about the certainty of all of the infinite possibilities of what could go right. I learned @chopracenter that on a cellular level everything is energy. ACIM teaches us that the miracle is the shift in mindset. The energy of our intention is directly connected to the physical.
  7. Lean into love + gratitude and you will be led. Follow the fun and get excited over all the ways the Universe is hooking it up for you. This creates a momentum of energy and is super important!
  8. Ask how to be helpful to someone else!


Rather than feeding a panic attack and old stories about how my higher power/Universe didn’t seem to have my back, I consciously choose to remember I don’t live that way anymore.


Life is meant to feel good. Happiness is a choice.

Einstein suggested one of the most important decisions we ever make in life is deciding whether we live in a friendly Universe or not. 

My Universe is very friendly, it's proven to be in perfect order, and I have found when applying this knowledge... it truly always has our back. 

PS: hopefully you scooped up my fav @lululemon bra that was on sale the other day in this hot pink which uplifts kapha (heavier think earth and water) energy! Honestly do yourself a favor and scoop up every color that brings you joy πŸ’“(Especially if you’re doing healing work! My fav #Ayurvedic technique is to treat yourself and celebrate life post healing #SoulWork !)