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Check out my 3 Step Method for Alignment!!

Apr 22, 2019

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Wanna know how to be a magnet for all you desire?! It’s what changed my life:


Learning how to get back into alignment fast!!


I wanna let you in on the magic and miracles so I’m giving you my go to tool for alignment in my latest Happy Vlog!!


When we are aligned we are a vibrational match for our intentions. When I was creating Next Level Happy, I set intention to work with the best high vibe companies in line with my mission. 


I knew I wanted to collaborate with brands  I love to help bring awareness of how important taking time to slow down for self-care is to stay aligned with happiness + health (most importantly) but also with our every need and desire!


I am so excited to be a part of The Lululemon Sweat Collective that I want to give you my go to tool & 3 Step Method to Staying Aligned!!


Listen to this vlog like a #NextLevelHappy Podcast and start to feel great right now!


If you want to experience the ultimate alignment I am holding space for a free community Meditation at Lululemons Manhasset location at The Americana on Sunday May 19th!!!


Here’s the thing, when we stay in a higher frequency through using these tools, we stay aligned and are affirming trust, faith and certainty that of course it’s all working out far better than you or I could ever imagine. Obviously!!


It’s through this act of surrendering we truly allow in the miracles.


Gratitude is not only one of the best ways to stay aligned, but it is the pathways to miracles. It’s an instant way to surrender to the bigger plan and a sure bet to stay aligned receiving all that’s in our highest + greatest good.


More on making life-changing mindset shifts below, but first: can we talk about these ALIGN Lululemon pants and BORN TO BE WILD BRA I’m wearing?!


When we align everything flows effortlessly with grace and ease. You receive #synchronicity (the meaningful coincidences) and you remain a vibrational match for all the good these awesome pants!!


Seriously, they aren’t just my favorite because they are named The Align Pant, but they are the most comfortable, versatile and durable pant you may ever purchase. I was joking saying I need to Marie Kondo because I have pairs that have lasted for years...but really!!


If you give them a try be sure to use my link and I’ll receive a commission on you aligning with the most comfortable workout gear ever!!

Get your own Align pant here (I'm the shorter 25" option, go with what one and color feels good for you!!): Get Yours Here


Okay back to all the high vibe manifesting mindset fun!!


Changing your life is as easy as changing our mindset. Here’s the thing though, sometimes the life experiences we went through as part of our Soul Purpose Plan need some extra love and attention.


Sometimes flipping the script on something to align energetically is super simple but sometimes we need to dive in to understand why we developed a resistant mindset so we can flip the script on that old story once and for all.


It’s all about the energy we project.


When we are able to identify the old stories and limiting beliefs holding us back, we are able to have better reactions to life. The more we feel and accept that there is a much greater force working on our behalf, we make way for the miracles to unfold. The sooner we align with gratitude we become a magnet for miracles. The sooner we know we are worthy and release resistance to this higher happiness we receive all of these desires.


Being aligned is remembering your truth: that you are a limitless being and one with the entire universe, the energy of pure potential.

We know we are in alignment when we feel good! 

When we align with our natural state of equilibrium we align with perfect health, become a gateway for miracles, and a magnet for our desires.


Try aligning right now by tuning in with this vlog I made for you <3

Let me know how much happier you feel after!! 


All the love and mine,


PS: Don't forget to feel even happier with these awesome Lululemon Align Pants