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Flow through the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

Jan 19, 2019

Someone in my Manifesting Soul Bootcamp wanted to know more on the Full Moon energy going onπŸ˜‡

Here’s what I channeled for the Full Moon Luner Eclipse Energy Happening Sunday 🌌:


What’s going on is we are completely entering new life cycles.

To fully embrace these we must let go of the way we thought it would be as we release old timelines. 

Breathe into the discomfort remembering we transmute these old stories of fear and low frequencies of limiting beliefs into love projecting how we want to feel and be.


Let the old feelings surface without focusing on them.

Meaning, remember that what we focus on expands.  


If you keep believing a full moon is going to be wicked intense and awful and people are crazy you will attract exactly that. 

Ayurveda teaches how real the moon cycles are as we are made of mostly water and you see clearly how the lunar energy impacts the tides and nature. 

It’s good to be aware of what is going on energetically and then I personally choose to only consciously focus on the positive and what makes me feel good. 

In this case it would be focusing on knowing we are in a harvest season. 

There are many blessings you should focus on Expecting to come your way. 

If you have allowed the feelings to surface for whatever fear/block is popping up, when you fully breathe into this willingly to transmute the energy back to the highest frequencies of love and gratitude, you realign with your highest self, your truth, your best life path.

I personally use the energies of all lunar events to focus all my energy on how I want to feel in the upcoming months even though full moons are more about releasing, I always like to focus on remembering we manifest in 6 month cycles and to call in all I want to expand and create more of in my life. All that I’m grateful for. 

We still manifest instantly when we believe as time doesn’t exist, but large intentions and clearings are powerfully brought into the physical from unseen energy in 6 month cycles. 


This is the last super full lunar eclipse until 2021 meaning: if things are surfacing this is normal. Let them go and invite in what you want. This special energetic time ushers in what we want for the next couple of years. (Super moon just means closest to the earth.)


Like we see earth's shadow reflected against the moon we may see our shadow self (old story/ego/fear/limiting beliefs) surfacing to be transformed back to love so we align with our best life path.


We are in a 3 year which is about creating! I sense it’s all about tapping into your authentic self and realizing how much better it feels to flow in the infinite possibilities of uncertainty rather than stay stuck in the yuck because we got so comfortable with those limiting beliefs. 

We are in a new paradigm now as the assention of energy and people waking up has been in effect since 12/12/12 (really 2011). 

 More people are waking up as this way of living with ease and love hopefully will begin to shift the world. 

 If we are going to change everything, we are going to need everyone. 


What can you do right now to lift your energy and feel good to spread more high vibes?! 


What are you grateful for? 


Affirm: I am a vibrational match for my desires and best life path. 


Remember who you are. You are one with the entire universe. Our energy is ever moving and changing on a cellular level through our intention. 


The anxiety or feelings surfacing are just fear/ego/limiting beliefs trying to stop you from living an even more elevated life because we have gotten so comfortable sitting in our old shit and limiting beliefs that they feel safe.


There is nothing safe about playing small because of fear of the unknown. 

There is nothing safe about limiting yourself to feelings that make you feel helpless. 

There is nothing safe about sitting in our old shit. 


There is everything safe however about fully leaping forward and claiming the greatness and best life experiences we truly can’t here to experience. 


The only thing limiting us is our mindset and fears that it doesn’t get to be this good or this easy or that we don’t get to have it all and it’s bullshit. 

It’s all f*cking lies! Lies that began to feel comfortable. 

Let me tell you what happens when you start to get comfortable with truth and authenticity and your limitlessness... MIRACLES. 


The miracle is the shift in mindset. 


I love Dr. David Simons example of letting old stories surface to shine the light on them like the thought of a monster under the bed that was never really there at all. 

 Then, shift into your new story and truth.

That you are limitless. That you are one with the energy of love that created you. That Ayurveda teaches is the one form of consciousness we all come from. That all things manifest from. 

The Akashic Records where I channel Soul Plans from is everything that ever is was or will be. Everything is energy. We each have a soul plan and a purpose. The purpose is to overcome the challenges, grow, and enjoy the full experiences of life...

 Not to stay stuck in the yuck!

 Clearing old story is like a rearview mirror: address the old feeling to make sure you’re on the best life path but stay looking forward! Put your energy forward on where you want to go and how you want to feel above all else. 🌌