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Life is meant to be lived!!

Jun 16, 2019

When my dad crossed over when I was 16 I thought I’d never be happy again.


I felt blessed to be able to communicate with him when I became a clear channel to divine but there was a whole navigation process. And then, more healing.


Today, I truly consider myself an expert in navigating energy...& I’ve pretty much gone to all the experts in my opinion.


That’s actually what I discovered, it’s our belief system that creates our reality + it’s about following what spiritual practice/what feels good for us in every area of our life.


When we follow what feels good from our higher self ( #iamthatiam ) rather than ego we align with our best life path and the path of least resistance.


Tapping into this pure potential energy allows us to continue to create a life beyond our wildest dreams (whatever that means for you), access perfect health, and tap into our purpose, also known as our #Dharma (ps this is usually the best life path and fastest route to align with happiness/raise your vibe). 


The universe wants it to keep getting even better for you! That’s why I created Next Level Happy🙌🏻 To help you tap into this place of higher truth and create ripple effects of love through raising your own vibe.


Besides navigating through the messages I was receiving from loved ones who had crossed over, the ones I was receiving from divine + from accessing pure conscious energy in meditation, and the discernment between ego vs divine, I had met resistance stepping into my purpose to share my mission and message with the world.


There’s a course that changed my life helping me regain confidence speaking publicly and healing the assignments/energy blocks/old stories that were weighing me down (#ama)


@gabbybernstein's Spirit Junkie Masterclass is open for enrollment right now!!! This is the course that changed everything for me and it won't be open until next year. 


In addition to the wild bonuses, she is giving you, including attending Spirit Junkie LIVE!!!  I have some awesome bonuses for you when you sign up through this link:


But first, if Father's Day triggered some not so next level happy feelings, I promise you can turn your pain into purpose. Happiness is a choice!! 


If you’re missing your Dad because he crossed over, set intention to communicate and feel his presence.


Ask for a sign. Everything is energy.


There is synchronicity from focusing on it so it shows up but there are those #synchronistic moments where you just know like you know (claircognative sense) that there really is a power much larger than us. That angels really are real. That everything is energy and maybe that butterfly or song coming on at the right time really is your loved one reminding you that they are watching over you and that the entire Universe has your back. 

I receive messages through all of my senses. I am claircogative (when you just know things), clairvoyant (when you see), clairsentient (when you feel) and clairaudient (when you hear direct messages). We all have access to these senses. When you start to pay attention more to the AHA! moments, and "God Winks" form your angels, they will continue to show you how the entire Universe has your back. How it truly is set up to help you succeed and that everything you have gone through truly is part of a plan much larger than we could ever begin to imagine. 

Most people are empathic and don't realize so they think they have anxiety when they are really picking up other people's energies through their solar plexus or peeling back blocks that are preventing them from Next Leveling. Our solar plexus chakra is also our manifesting powerhouse!! 

Did you know we all have spirit guides we can connect with? That you can call you your loved ones and guardian angels whenever you need?

The Law of Free WIll allows us to choose what we take action on and we must call on help from our angels and spirit guides since they can not break the Law of Free Will.

When we access tapping into our truth and stand fully in our power we are unstoppable. Power comes in knowing not just that you are one with the one source Ayurveda teaches us we all come from and go back to and that everything physical manifests from, but in knowing it is the ultimate power larger than us that truly has the power. It is to this knowledge of the wisdom of oneness and the greater plan that we Surrender. 

Gabby Bernstein covers this in her training and I am as well in something I HAVE NEVER DONE BEFORE!!!! 




(it's like having a Gabby to personally guide you but even better because it's ME ...Let me live, I finally fully and completely love myself lols!)


The spiritual business coaching through my 1:1's has made it clear that it's time I make monthly 1:1 guidance available finally since so many people are asking!!!

There are limited places open starting this JULY so make sure you secure yours while you can. 

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If you would like to have a 1:1 Medium Reading with me to connect with a loved one who has crossed over you can do that here:

Also 21 Days of Living Better Starts JUNE 24th!!! Message me if you want in: [email protected] 

I am so grateful and my heart is so full by all the positive feedback on how this 21 Day course has made you feel so incredible!!! This one is centered around lowering anxiety. All of my programs help you naturally align with your soul purpose and best life path. 

I thank God for my Dad both for the time I had with him and to still be able to communicate with him now. & Thank you to my Dad, for always being there for me. Literally always and forever. I love you so much. & if no one told you today: I love you, you matter, Happiness is your birthright and there is no order of difficulty in the creation of miracles. 

The main message from death of any kind is that LIFE IS MEANT TO BE LIVED. We are here for a good time, not a long time so get to living your best life, whatever that means for you!!! If you need help with that, book a Session through the link above also! 

 So many exciting announcements coming this Summer & Fall!!!

There is no order of difficulty in the creation of miracles and happiness is your birthright 😇 

PS: If you haven't already checked it out, or if you have enjoy the breathing exercise to get #NextLevelHappy right now in the video I made for you while I was in San Tropez!