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Love Is The Path of Least Resistance

Feb 25, 2019

There is power in peace, there is power in rest, and there is great power in the words we say.

Everything is energy and everything has a vibration. It’s the experiences we have that ignite our thoughts (the sensory experiences we have). These thoughts paired with our beliefs (the rules we have set in place in our subconscious) create emotions amplifying the energy we are projecting. The Universe is always saying yes to what we want and mirroring back to us the energy we present.

One of the best things we can do is to slow down and to choose to return to love. Love is one of the highest vibrations and when we are willing to find the love, to find the gratitude for all we have, and trust in the bigger plan, even if we don’t understand it at the time, we have the perfect foundation to receive miracles.

When we shift our mindset, we open the gateway for miracles to enter in. A feeling of love, relief, and solutions will instantly come over you with this level of faith. We access this Divine Source Energy by slowing down and tapping into our own needs.

Everything is love. We are all love, we come from love and go back to love. We are eternal. It is so much bigger than us. If you don’t believe, believe that I believe and became obsessed with helping you access this better way of living too! 

In this Happy Manifesting Tip, I share with you how I identified resistance with something as simple as receiving mail. I wanted to balance my giving and receiving and asked for any resistance to happiness, fears of success, worthiness and receiving to be fully removed for my highest and greatest good.

I share how I simply shifted my mindset and my thoughts/words surrounding mail and it reflected not only into the physical, but this wired in new associations with me completely creating a new energy making great space to receive and enjoy life even more and feel even happier and healthier!

One of my favorite mantras is: I AM LOVE

I even started a group that will be active soon if you want to learn more about manifesting and have a tribe of sisterhood for support so you know you are never alone.

I spent too much of my life as a prisoner of my own mind and what felt like being a slave to anxiety but I broke the pattern because I was willing. All you need is willingness.

Whether you want to be happier, healthier, crush your next goal, start your own business, expand your spiritual practice, try meditation for the first time, go after that dream, finally quit the job you hate and feel secure finding one you enjoy, maybe you want to be able to look in the mirror and love the body you see from the inside out without question, or maybe you simply don’t want to be anxiety’s bitch anymore…whatever your Next Level of Happiness is, it starts with a willingness to believe. It starts with your mindset. It starts with choosing love.

Change your thoughts, change your words, change your life. Slow down and start getting familiar with your own needs rather than looking to outside sources to fulfill something only you know how to do the best. Follow what feels good for you.

When we slow down and we feel good, we vibrate higher. We vibrate with the energy of love and we align instantly with the Path of Least Resistance.

 Anytime I didn’t fully understand the bigger plan, when I have trusted and put out the energy of faith, of love, of peace and joy, the Universe always has shown me it really does know the better way.

You have to become your biggest cheerleader and make sure the thoughts and the conversations you’re having are supporting how you want to feel and the life you want to have. We get back what we put out, it truly is that simple.

There will always be something or someone to compare yourself to, there will always be another goal another thing to obtain. Life is going to happen but it’s how you move forward and how quickly you return back to love. To the love you are one with. True power is knowing it is all through a higher power and all accessible within ourselves. I used to want to smack people who would say this.

What the hell does that mean? How do I find it? I had so many questions.

Karmic circles happen when you don’t learn from the soul lesson/assignment (the challenging things) because your thoughts are being generated from past experiences. It’s about identifying and breaking these to create new and better life experiences more in line with the life you actually want. Only you can get clear on what you want. It starts with slowing down and tuning in to what you need. & then knowing how worthy you are to have it, obviously. #TheBetterItGetsTheBetterItGets 

The only thing was it was my soul lesson to learn self love/self worth in this lifetime. To overcome shame and love who I am fully and completely. I've done a shit ton of #SoulWork on this and I promise you: The universe always knows the best + fastest route to what we want. The Universe wants you to have your every desire but most importantly: happiness and health. 

You can manifest your every desire, it's all energy. What good is any of the things or the titles if you aren't happy and making time for your health and the things that bring you joy? When we surrender and choose love, we instantly align with everything we need, remembering we already have everything we need. #GratitudeInTheNow

Love is one of the highest frequencies and when we choose love we align with the natural rhythm of nature/the universe and all that is good. #TheLawOfLeastEffort

 Everything is energy. We are one with this energy of love that we come from and return to. The energy that everything is created from.

Choose love, align with the path of least resistance, and let the Universe wow you! #IAmAlwaysReceivingEverythingINeed #TheUniverseHasMyBack #AyurvedicAlchemy #NextLevelHappy #ThoughtsBecomeThings 

All the love & Mine,