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Slow Down to Speed Up: How to get it all done effortlessly!

Dec 15, 2018

Hi Love!!

I made you a vlog to up your happy and make some extra good vibes for yourself!!
You can listen to it like a podcast if you want to feel extra good right now :)

In this weeks Happy Manifesting Tip I share some manifesting examples of how taking time to slow down actually speeds things up so you can accomplish everything on your to do list with minimal effort, ease, and in the most efficient ways!

There is no way I would have gotten this far without relying on the Law of Least Effort. It's been made extra clear to me lately just how powerful our thoughts are. It's the conversations we have with ourselves throughout the day and the experiences we share and talk about with people. This projected energy is what the Universe thinks we are asking for more of and sends it back to us. 

If we want to receive the energy of peace and access the Energy of Pure Potential to reorganize our thoughts and align us with the best possible solutions, slowing down and plugging back into gratitude and happy feelings throughout the day ensure you always can easily realign to stay holding the energy of what you would like to receive. 

I give you an example in this video of how I slow down throughout the day and how the Universe effortlessly aligns me with everything I need and all my solutions. This shit is so freakin powerful I can not tell you enough, literally lol! 

Whenever life may seem overwhelming it is simply a sign that you are relying on your own strength. 

You don't have to do it alone! It doesn't have to be so damn hard!

When I learned this from A Course In Miracles it changed my life. I apply this everyday...When life seems hard I simply choose again. 

Every person I have worked with that has embodied this way of thinking and began to work their morning Manifesting Routine into every area of life experience this miraculous way of living too and I want you to have it and experience it all the time. 

Make sure you check out this Happy Vlog and try seeing how much shifts when you start to add in taking more pauses to slow down during your day. Maybe it's just hitting play and slowing down right now!!

I thought it was BS so I literally became OBSESSSED with discovering how it all works and the easiest ways to align with the Law of Least Effort.... because things being hard is a silly old story mindset. That's like scarcity thinking, it simply doesn't exist when you start to feel this infinite force of abundance working on your behalf.

I manifest epic shit every day. I flow with grace and ease. I used to think all of this is impossible but it's actually not complicated at all.

It's super easy and it starts with slowing down.

Nothing shakes my peace because I know I am always going to be taken care of and because this belief is instilled in me, the Universe always matches this request. Say it with me:  "I am a vibrational match for all my desires" 

Slow down and start to feel good right now!!
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