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Mindset is EVERYTHING!

Apr 01, 2019

If you need a boost of Happy for your Monday, make sure you head over to my Instagram ( @torykat ) for some adorable pics of my best friend's baby Victoria at her christening the other week!!!  Special guest baby Jules for extra love 💓 !!

Also though, check out this new vlog I made you✨ on how Mindset is Everything 😍

I give you a breathing exercise and happy tip on getting belief systems that aren’t serving you out of your mindset🙌🏻

Remember: the universe is literally set up for you to be happy and receive all you desire. 🌌 It’s simply a matter of identifying and removing any resistance to this divine happiness and allowing it in with grace, ease and acceptance of the bigger plan.

Try focusing on all of the infinite possibilities of what could go right and the way you’d like to feel rather than putting out any low vibe feels. The really bad shit isn’t in vain and you don’t manifest that, but it’s choosing to grow from it. Look for the assignment. #SoulPlans This shit truly works.

You can access divine peace + higher love within yourself whenever and wherever you need. 😇 Thoughts literally become things. Everything is energy. You have a choice of Every second of everyday to choose again. Choose happiness, choose love. 💗

All the Love & Mine,