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Victoria created her method Ayurvedic Alchemy™, the healing and training process she is guided to use for each person's specific needs, focusing on attaining emotional freedom, a manifesting mindset, and a high-vibrational lifestyle through proven methods of Quantum and Vedic Science.

Victoria Mann is a Chopra Certified Perfect Health Instructor (Ayurvedic Lifestyle and Quantum Science) and a clear channel to the Divine, Psychic Medium, and Energy Healing Certification Teacher.

Victoria channels the individual’s soul purpose path lesson themes from the Akashic Records to help others manifest their best possible life path. Victoria's mission is to help others discover their inner peace and reach their Next Level of Happiness.

 She holds space for clients to heal, transform, and align with their truth to manifest their happiest and healthiest life. Having studied metaphysics for more than half her life as well as professionally for the last decade, Victoria has a deep understanding of how energy works in relation to reaching higher levels of health, abundance, and happiness. Victoria is also a certified Reiki Master, Integrative Energy Therapy Practitioner, and Certified in Emotional Freedom Tapping, Kriya Yoga and Barre Yoga.


My Story

In 2011 I was trying to escape a life I didn’t want. I wasn’t happy.

I didn’t know how to be. I remember wanting to quit life as a teenager and I remember fighting for my life as an "adult".

I remember laying on the ground again, battered and broken...except this time...

I was abusing myself

I didn’t understand my emotions and I was letting my thoughts run destruction through my life. I didn’t think happiness was possible. So I drank to mask the emotions of pain, feelings of depression and unworthiness, and lack of self love. When my drinking became destructive, I had reached many break down moments and new levels of rock bottom where unknowingly, I was willing to see things differently. Begging if there was a higher power, to have mercy and let me feel happiness and peace without paralyzing anxiety (unidentified fear).

New Years Eve of 2013 going into 2014 I was given a miracle where my obsession to drink was completely removed.

After doing step-work, there was a lightness and peace I had craved my entire life. I was free.

This was happiness. A passion ignited a strength and inner love I had never felt before and I knew I was supposed to bring this same freedom to other people like me. I prayed and I was immediately lead because of my mindset shift to faith.  My vibration was rising because I was feeling so good from the soul work and I was becoming a better, easier match for my desires and even more importantly, I was open to receiving them.

 I knew something was up when I manifested a Mercedes I forgot I visualized while at my bottom as the Universe had guided me to the book The Secret. It manifested when my vibration matched my Pure Potential. "If I ever manifest a white Mercedes, I'll know this shit works." I literally wrote that in the book. 

During this time I began opening up unknowingly to higher levels of consciousness as my spiritual practice deepened.

That alone was a miracle in itself being that I had given up all faith prior to all of this and couldn’t even make it through a yoga class because I could not bare to sit alone with my own thoughts/emotions. Yet there I was, in true Spirit Junkie form, watching this Gabby Bernstein lady for the first time everyone kept telling me about as I was running in to make one of Deepak’s teaching sessions.


I was unsure at the time what to make of psychic experiences I was having, not only Ah-Ha clarity moments of Divine Downloads, but I was having loved ones who had crossed over visiting me very clearly and receiving vivid memories of making my Soul Plan. I learned at the Chopra Center that we all have the ability to experience elevated levels of living. That what some people consider psychic experiences, or super human abilities as Deepak refers to them, we actually all have access to. Even more importantly, we all have access to increased levels of happiness and overall better health.

In fact, Ayurveda teaches us that we are meant to be in Perfect Health and when we learn different ways of balancing our Dosha (our unique mind/body element composition) + raising our vibration, we return to our natural state of equilibrium that is Perfect Health.

When we meditate, we access the field of pure consciousness, the one source of energy we are all one with.

I call it dipping into miracles or touching God, Deepak teaches this as slipping into the gap, Gabby Bernstein teaches this as “ing”—whatever idea of a higher power that feels good for you, think of meditation as a direct telephone to that source that also recharges your mind and body to feel great.  


Meditation is one of the cornerstones of the consciousness based system of healing that is Ayurveda.

Ayurveda is the OG of medicine, even Chinese medicine is derived from Vedic teachings. When I signed up to get certified in Perfect Health (Ayurveda + Quantum Science) at the Chopra Center, I couldn’t even pronounce Ayurveda and I had no idea what the heck it was—Ay, Your-Whatta?! I had sought out Deepak Chopra because “somehow” I had wound up having his book the Seven Spiritual Laws of Success and the book The Secret after watching Oprah’s Super Soul Sundays when I was at those rock bottoms. Only I forgot about all of that until I was Divinely lead, synchronistically each step of the way.


Looking back and connecting the dots, it seems like my entire life has been preparing me to bring these tools to people, but if you had told that to the sad old version of me or the party sorority girl I was years ago, I never would have believed you.

Now, my purpose is to help you believe.

Not only to develop your own spiritual practice and to believe, but to receive. To learn how to not only raise your vibration, but to change your mindset. To heal and fully eliminate those old stories that have been creating your future so you can start manifesting the life you were born to live. To reach your Next Level of Happiness too!

My whole life I was thirsty for spirituality and I had no idea.

So, I’ve done the work, I’ve found the best teachers, I’ve found what works, I’ve formed the best methods, I’ve made it fun and everyone I’ve worked with so far has been experiencing the best most miraculous results.

Here’s the thing though—you have to want it. You have to be willing to do the work. If you are, your whole world is about to upgrade. If you landed here, it isn’t by mistake, & don't worry I make it fun! That is the key to life after all. 

"Happiness is your birthright.” ACIM

"You are entitled to miracles.” ACIM

“Don’t dance around the perimeter of the person you want to be. Dive deeply and fully into it.” Gabrielle Bernstein

“Thoughts become things.” Wayne Dyer

“Success in life could be defined as the continued expansion of happiness.” Deepak Chopra


These words changed my life. I experience multiple miracles every day & so can you!

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