What I Do

I help you bridge the gap from where you are and get you to where you want to be.


You are worthy of living a life beyond your wildest dreams.

Miracles are real, and they are your birthright. 

I have felt unworthy. I had felt for too long like happiness was never going to be a real possibility for me. I had accepted I would have to be on medication to alleviate my anxiety for the rest of my life.

These feelings not only weighed on me heavily, they were continuously creating the same patterns and life experiences leaving me even more hopeless. 

Then I was shown that miracles are REAL.

The miracles start from shifts in perception. I've spent the last few years of my life learning from each teacher I was guided to and perfecting methods I was divinely guided to create so I can give you what changed my life.

Happiness and miracles are your natural inheritance. Life is meant to feel good, but we need to know how. I transformed my own mindset and I am continuously shown how our thoughts create our reality, I experience miracles every day and my purpose is to help you heal and show you how.

I've created blueprints for living a High Vibe Manifesting Lifestyle to help you claim your power back.


What does it mean to be Next Level Happy?

Being Next Level Happy means living in your truth.

As a Manifesting Medium I hold space for healing and tap into Soul Plan's through higher consciousness. I have a unique ability to identify the area of healing most needed to take clients to their Next Level of Happiness.

Life experiences are meant to grow us, and I've been shown we choose what those destined events are before we are born. Life very much so happens for us, not to us. When we heal these experiences and grow from them, we access our Divine Truth, our Higher Selves. And as we learn to Raise our Vibration through establishing our own high vibe spiritual practice and learn methods for balancing our unique mind/body element makeup (dosha), not only do we heal stress and anxiety at its source, but we learn how to operate from our truth, a place of freedom and oneness.

We become the co-creators of our lives understanding the bigger plan, continuously reaching new levels of happiness and returning to our natural state of equilibrium that is elevated health and happiness through staying grateful in the Now.

Join the next Soul Bootcamp

It's time for you to access the secret to happiness

Let's upgrade your mindset together.

  • Feeling overly stressed out? Wish you could make your feelings of anxiety vanish? I'm the answer to your prayers!
  • Craving more from life? Let's discover what you want and what may be holding you back so you can continuously manifest your best life path!
  • Wish you could always get that "Soul Cycle/Workout High" even off the bike and outside the gym? I got you! 
  • Anxiety running the show? Let's get you to unlock your power and peace. 
  • Looking for direction and guidance in an area of life that's weighing on you? Let me channel guidance for your best life path and teach you how to actively participate in creating your future!
  • Are you depressed and can't shake it off? Feeling like life is happening to you?  Let's heal that and tap into your happy. 
  • Need direction on your spiritual journey? I've got you covered on all levels.  
  • Curious about how to get the benefits of meditation without it being scary? Let's develop a Belief System and Practice that works.
  • Feeling like you have every blessing, but are too stressed to enjoy it? Or do you feel like everyone else seems to be receiving their blessings and you aren't? Let's change this.
  • Doing all the things you're "supposed" to be doing but not getting the results? Don't know where to begin? Let's jumpstart your Next Level Happy!
  • Stuck or unsure? Let's get clear and up-level that old story to truth! 
  • Can't identify what you need? Book a curtesy Intro Session Below



Ayurvedic Alchemy™ Manifesting Meditation

Wondering what makes me different?

My Ayurvedic Alchemy™ Manifesting Meditation's are unlike any meditation experience you've ever had.

My healing + guided manifesting meditations will have you wishing you knew meditation could be this fun way sooner!

Not only do we make meditation fun and easy, but I take you on a journey to your Higher Self.

I hold sacred space for healing and transformation using an infusion of channeled music, pranayama breath work, ancient ayurvedic methods of healing, kundalini, primordial sound meditation, integrative energy therapy, reiki, and quantum science connecting with Higher Consciousness to alchemize stagnant energy (old stories/fear) from our energetic and subtle bodies, preventing this ama (emotional toxicity) from ever manifesting in our physical body.

This creates space as our vibration risesaligning with higher states of conscious energy allowing us to create our new story and new neural pathways  as we plant seeds of affirmation in our subtle body  allowing them to manifest into our physical reality. These shifts and expansion in mindset are the miracle.


I made manifesting and meditation easy for you! Check out my free mini series and start raising your vibe now! 

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