Become a Natural Manifestor | Fully Recharge & Restore | Total Mind Body Spirit Up-Leveling | 6-WEEK Digital Course, Group Coaching + Healing Program!


All my life I wanted happiness.

Happiness and feeling good is what actually keeps you healthy and a vibrational match for life to be easy. The truth is, plenty of people manifest all their desires coming true...but what good is having any of it if you aren’t happy? 

I became obsessed with figuring out how to share this with people and help them apply it in their own lives.

What felt like it was delaying me from fulfilling my purpose was carrying me every step of the way. When I connected my own spiritual and psychic medium experiences with energy healing, my own results, as well as the results of the people I was healing and coaching, it is undeniable that there are clear methods to take you to where you want to go. 

I’ve been guided to deliver a method based on all I’ve learned and experienced to be true.

My proven methods take you to your next level of happiness and greatness when you are willing.

You decide your future.

It’s an inside out process and a way of being.

I’ve been shown how to not just manifest your every desire but more importantly, how to be happy and healthy! How to truly be the best version of yourself and manifest your best possible life path. 

I used to be paralyzed with fear ego, and anxiety controlled my life.
I learned how to break karmic circles, heal energetic blocks and raise your vibration through simple fun methods.


What you get from this bootcamp:

✰ Take time to slow down and restore yourself in this 3 month Manifesting Accelerator Program
✰ Get clear on what you want and learn how to become a magnet to receive it in your life
✰ When we know what we want, not only can we draw it in to our reality but we strengthen our relationships and every area of our life as we understand how to get our needs and desires met through allowing the Laws of The Universe to support us
Beyond The Law of Attraction: not only learn about the law of least effort and all the spiritual laws of success, but learn how to experience receiving the solutions and experiences you want in life to flow through practicing these
✰ Learn how a simple Manifesting and self care practice can connect you with the limitless version of yourself
Over 6 weekly course modules learn how Vedic science allows us to return to perfect health, how you can apply Manifesting to every area of life including food and your body, how Ayurveda is the key to life
You have 8 weeks total of group healing and coaching with me live every Wednesday in addition to the digital enrichment modules to fully integrate the concepts you learn from your weekly modules. The last 3 live modules are every Monday in the 21 Days of Living Even Better Program!
Access to the 21 Days of Living Better Manifesting Subscription throughout the Soul Bootcamp Accelerator Program with weekly live sessions every Monday 

This is for you if...

You’re ready to try something different.
You’re willing to let go of any resistance to happiness.

You crave to deeply enjoy life.
You’re done being the victim.
You’re ready to take back control of your life.
You aren’t willing to settle until you reach that burning desire.
You want an easy way to stay feeling good throughout your day.
You're done letting your circumstances control your reality.
You’re ready to claim and receive what you want.
You’re ready to fully show up for yourself.

I used to think happiness wasn’t possible and now I know not only how to manifest our every intention, but how to align with the most important luxury of all: Happiness + Health

It’s actually really easy, it’s not complicated at all.
There’s a law for that: The Law of Least Effort.

I did all the research on these different methods that are based on proven results so you all you have to do is show up to receive. I merged what I learned at the Chopra Center about Quantum & Ancient Vedic Science with not only Ayurveda's sister science: Kundalini, but with the Miracle Mindset of A Course In Miracles, and my lifetime of studies and methods of getting the fastest Manifesting Results for your unique mind/body makeup (your dosha). 

I create a sacred space for your elevation. 
We align your energetic body and your subtle body learning how to fully transform the physical. 

Warning: this full integration will cause epic positive shifts in your life.

Let's do it!
It's time to give back to yourself and become an epic manifestor. Fully recharge & restore as we dive in for total mind body spirit up-leveling in this 6-WEEK Digital Course & Group Coaching + Healing program to Master Manifesting!

Learn how to live stress free and Next Level Happy by understanding energy, healing old story/limiting beliefs & living in your authentic truth to manifest your best life. 

I’ve created a program that not only turns you into an epic Manifestor, but it gives you the foundation to consistently stay happy and healthy!
I give you my foolproof method for unshakeable faith, as well as all the Vedic Science suggested methods.
You’ll learn to tap into your own inner compass to expand health and happiness on your own year round!
This is not a quick fix, this is a lifestyle change.
This is an opportunity to peel back the layers that have been holding you back. To grab your anxiety by the balls and show it who’s boss. To learn how to rise up higher every damn day tapping into your truth and inner power.

We unlock this place of freedom and oneness through our live weekly healing + group coaching sessions online.

I create a sacred container for us to unlock limited beliefs and heal stagnant energetic blocks for total mind body spirit healing.

The 6 week course module takes you through Ayurveda and Manifesting 101 creating new neural pathways and expansion as you receive new energetic codes and begin to flow deeper with the limitless abundance we are one with.

A belief system and mindset grounded in proven concepts and methods of Vedic Science (even Chinese medicine was derived from Vedic teachings) allow you to easily shift your entire frequency through your mindset whenever you need.
The more high vibe Vedic lifestyle practices you incorporate the better for your mental clarity and physical health.
The easiest way to balance your Dosha and tap into your limitless higher self and the energy of pure potential is by practicing oneness daily through creating a routine that feels best for you!
I make ancient concepts super simple and give you a morning routine that sets you up to not only be happier and healthier, but you also align with the once source of energy Ayurveda teaches us we are all one with, where all is manifested and created from and you simply attract in all your desires and highest potential life path with grace and ease.
We all have a dharma, a unique purpose. Something we can do better than anyone else in the world. My purpose is to help you remember this truth. That you can have and do and be whatever you want.

I have a unique ability to know what limiting belief/old story/energetic block is keeping you stuck to bust through that glass ceiling getting you aligned with your happiest self!

If you’re ready to show up for yourself then I am ready to help make you the epic Manifestor you already are!

I've created the ultimate online Soul Up-Level experience!

Not only did I create Blueprints for living and creating your Happiest + Healthiest Life, I put it together in a fun interactive course for you! I wanted to take the experience I gave in person at my Maui Retreat to people online to access whenever and wherever! You won’t be left with just the information, I will actually help guide you through the work with some live sessions in addition to weekly course videos for even more impactful results!

Imagine what it would feel like to know on a core level that happiness, miracles, and abundance are your natural inheritance.

Are you ready to experience the impossible?
To break your own mold?
To break through your next glass ceiling? 
Are you willing to do what it takes to get the results you've always wanted?
(And most of all, have fun!)
There is a Quantum Field of energy around our physical bodies that acts like a mirror. Everything you put out is reflected back into this quantum field, ultimately resulting in the manifesting of the current reality of your present life. I do not believe we manifest the bad things that happen in life. I have come to know that we all have Soul Plans and certain experiences we are suppose to grow from.
Through the Law of Free Will we create either positively expansive life choices or lower vibe choices. This is what creates our current and future realities.
The energy of our thoughts and our emotions paired with our underlying belief system is where these action choices are made.

When we change our mindset and understand how energy works, we can apply it and transform any area of life.

Everything is Energy.

I developed this Soul Bootcamp process to not only teach you how to stay in alignment through balancing your unique mind/body makeup, but how to stay happy, healthy, and continuously creating a life beyond your wildest dreams.
Through consciousness-based alignment we'll discover what methods of high-vibe living work best for you.
When you feel your best and you are in your authentic truth, you stay more easily aligned because you are not a match for any fear-based thinking.

The stories we tell ourselves create our reality. The stories are created from prior experiences unless you change that narrative to create a better version of you.

We heal those energetic blocks and learn how to manifest from our unlimited potential with your new story based from your truth in this 6 week manifesting immersion. 
Full immersion and Full integration give you the longterm mindset results to always return to your Next Level of Happiness and manifest the happiness, health, and life experiences you truly want.

Make sure you secure your place in this exclusive 3 Month Manifesting Accelerator Program

Break Karmic Cycles, Develop an Ayurvedic Lifestyle that works for you, Discover your Dosha + Dharma and become a Master Manifestor! 

Tap into your Pure Potential Energy, Learn sustainable methods for staying in optimal health while manifesting your goals and Fully integrate the Seven Spiritual Laws of Success becoming a magnet for all your desires!

Online Intensive Learning

Every Sunday for 6 weeks you will receive a new Next Level Happy Video Module to raise your vibe and ignite new neural pathways and infinite possibility into your life.

You'll have access to your Next Level Happy Member Portal where you can access all of your videos and course work whenever and wherever you need a happy boost! 

Group Coaching + Meditations

Every Wednesday you will have a Live Video Streamed Group Coaching Call with Healing Ayurvedic Alchemy™ Manifesting Meditations to fully integrate the new content you're taking in.

You'll also have access to the weekly live sessions every Monday in the 21 Days of Living Better Manifesting Subscription. 

1:1 Coaching Support

You have ONE-ON-ONE full text support, and voice note support as well as e-mail access throughout your 3 month up-level.

Everyone enrolled receives monthly 1:1 Soul Plan Sessions to help manifest your intention/goal

This includes A Perfect Health Workbook + Discovering your unique mind/body makeup (Dosha)! 


What's Included in this Manifesting Soul Bootcamp Accelerator Program

Week 1: Intro into Ayurveda & Abundantly Aligning

Week 2: Up-Leveling Your Mindset & Using your Inner Pharmacy for High Vibe Vedic Living

Week 3: Letting Life Be Easy

Week 4: Developing your own High Vibe Practice & Manifesting 101 

Week 5: Staying plugged in to your Unlimited Power and Pure Potential

Week 6: Make space to access Full Freedom


6 Live Ayurvedic Alchemy group Healings to help fully integrate in addition to the digital modules. Every Wednesday there will be a new live session and you will have access to the live sessions every Monday from the 21 Days of Living Better Program

You will receive daily e-mails for 21 Days in May and July to help keep you up on your manifesting routine to stay feeling good.

This makes it even easier to integrate and hold the vibration of the experiences we want to manifest through the unknown. 


You receive monthly 1:1 sessions to keep you aligned with your Best Life Path!

You can use these to work on discovering and balancing your unique mind/body make up and manifest your intention/goal.

You receive updated High Spirited Solution Spiritual  Action Plans and channeled guidance in your 1:1 sessions. 



You receive updated High Spirited Solution Spiritual  Action Plans and channeled guidance in your 1:1 sessions.

Text, E-Mail, and Voice Note Access in between sessions for when life pops up!



Discover Your Dosha (your unique Ayurvedic mind/body elemental composition) + your DHARMA (Soul Purpose Path) numerology, Destiny Numbers, and receive a Chopra Perfect Health Workbook. 


The entire program is designed to turn you into an epic manifestor. All you have to do is decide.

6 Monthly Investments of


12 month plan available on request





My Secret: Ayurvedic Alchemy™

Ayurvedic Alchemy is a process I developed to not only teach you how to stay in alignment through balancing your unique mind/body makeup, but how to stay happy, healthy, and continuously creating a life beyond your wildest dreams through consciousness-based alignment and discovering what methods of high-vibe living work best for you.
Through 8 Live Weekly Group Ayurvedic Alchemy™ Healing Sessions you'll break through energetic blocks and your own glass ceilings, creating space to more easily receive the unlimited abundance you align with through tapping into your unlimited potential and truth.
Let's Do This

Course Outline

Here's everything you'll learn over the course of 6 weeks!

Week 1: Intro into Ayurveda & Abundantly Aligning

This is a crash course module in Energy. Learn about Ayurveda, How our thoughts create our reality and how to Abundantly Align to the high-vibration life you desire.

You'll receive your Morning Manifesting Routine and Discover & Balance your Dosha (your unique mind/body constitution)

Week 2: Up-Leveling Your Mindset & Using your Inner Pharmacy for High Vibe Vedic Living

Break through limiting beliefs and learn the habits I use every day to maintain an up-leveled mindset.

We'll discuss proven traditional Ayurvedic methods to raise your vibe, what I've found works for fast impactful results, and how your Gut Makes Your Happy!

Learn to recognize true health, and how to trust your body and intuition to fully support you.

Week 3: Letting Life Be Easy

We break down how our belief system creates our reality and  heal limiting beliefs. Identifying old stories breaks karmic cycles allowing you to create your reality from a higher vibration. Receive clarity on who you are, what you want, and how to get there. 

Heal trauma through understanding Soul Plans + always Manifest your best life experiences through intrinsically understanding the Law of Least Effort & Law of Detachment to make practicing oneness effortless.

Week 4: Developing your own High Vibe Practice & Manifesting 101 

Customize your own sadhana (morning practice) to stay high-vibe and majorly manifesting. 

Vedic Methods for High Vibe Living with traditional morning and evening routines. 


Week 5: Staying plugged in to your Unlimited Power and Pure Potential

We go over how to have an epic comeback rate with ways of transforming stress/worry to manifest your desired outcome with easy mindset and pranayama breathing techniques.

We go over the specifics of how to make a journal your own personal weapon of mass creation for your highest and greatest good!

How Meditation connects us to infinite abundance and a special meditation you can add into your morning routine to dismantle any blocks specifically surrounding this creating an energy that draws more prosperity into your life. 

Week 6: Make space to access Full Freedom

Learn how to live freely through the Law of Least Effort & Surrendering Powerfully through the Law of Detachment. We create space through learning methods to access deep peace.

Develop a vision statement for your life and understand how when we live authentically everything flows with grace and ease.

Break Karmic Cycles and become a Master Manifestor in my Manifesting Soul Bootcamp!

I give you the biggest secret to manifest in this content right now.

Your path to happiness, total mind body spirit wellness, and becoming a magnet for everything you truly desire is here.

Imagine waking up feeling at ease, content, enthusiastic, confident and assured. Knowing with certainty you are having your every desire fulfilled effortlessly. Knowing how to do less and accomplish more.

This is how your highest self feels. This is the space we learn how to tap into and operate from in this life changing 6-week Manifesting Soul Bootcamp course and 3 month Manifesting Accelerator Program.

Imagine what it would be like to know how to manifest anything you could ever need. To receive anything you could ever need. To be completely tapped into the unlimited stream and love and abundance that is available to all of us.

What things would you be doing differently? What experiences would you be having? What would the best version of your life look like?

Want to know the biggest secret to Manifesting? It’s deciding.

Deciding that you get to have an epic life simply because you exist and you’re alive reading this right now.

The entire program is designed to turn you into an epic manifestor. All you have to do is decide.

Choose to let it be easy. Choose happiness. Choose you.

6 Monthly Investments of






Hi, I’m Victoria...

& I wasn’t always happy.

I use to think that happiness was only for special “lucky” people. I used to create the same reality, keeping myself stuck and playing small. Then I was shown a better way.

When we understand how energy works and how our thoughts and belief systems create our reality, we can apply the same methods and techniques to any area of our life we would like to see change.

I am here to remind you that Happiness Is Your Birthright and Miracles are your Natural Inheritance. That you have a unique purpose (your dharma), something that you do better than anyone else on this earth. That you are more powerful than you know. That life is meant to feel good. That you do not have to let worry thoughts and anxiety control your life anymore.


How it works

Over 6 weeks I will hold sacred high vibrational space for your energetic healing and transformative soul work.

In this high-vibe group setting, I will guide you through
creating your own constitution of truth, healing limiting beliefs
and developing a spiritual foundation of your own understanding.

We’ll heal all the energetic blocks and old stories/limiting beliefs,
revealing how they try to keep us small so you know how to actively
and continuously create your future through intention
and developing a manifesting mindset.

Some of the things we will cover include:

All of my personal Manifesting Secrets

7 spiritual laws of success

You'll Discover your Dosha and learn how balancing your unique mind body makeup
brings you back into your natural state of equilibrium that is Perfect Health

I guide your through Ayurvedic Alchemy quantum healing meditations as we dismantle
your old stories and shift our energy towards creating the life we truly desire.

You learn how to eliminate your limiting beliefs —you know those worry thoughts?

Through dinacharya (daily routine) that emphasizes a proper individualized lifestyle
regimen we balance your dosha and for further alignment we'll balance our chakras
(our body's energetic centers) through the weekly group healing sessions.

Together, we will have more than 40 days of transformation allowing for
complete immersion and full integration for long lasting impactful results. 
The Digital Course and Group Coaching + Healing Session Recordings
will be yours forever to access whenever you need a tune up! 1:1’s must be used within our 3 months together.   
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